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Posts from December 2021

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Nicola Hawkins

“Millennials and Gen-Z leading the way” - Why you should get your estate planning in order

By Simon Mackie, Senior Associate, Will, Trust and Estates Team We all know that we should have one in place – it is, after all, arguably...

Nicola Hawkins

"Just stick me in the back of a Land Rover and drive me to Windsor." - The issue of funeral arrangements

The late Duke of Edinburgh is alleged to have said "just stick me in the back of a Land Rover and drive me to Windsor."  Although it was...

Irwin Mitchell

Famous Gary Osborne in 'War of the Worlds' dispute with sister over transfer of deceased’s mother’s £3m property

Gary Osborne and Jan Jones argue over their deceased’s mother’s £3m property. Gary is famously known for his song writing with legends...

Irwin Mitchell

Home for Christmas? Succession planning and the typical family protection trust

By Elizabeth Gibbison, Tax, Trusts and Estates associate at Irwin Mitchell We have a number of clients who seek our review of existing...

Irwin Mitchell

The Treasury's responses to the OTS recommendations are in - but what made the cut?

By Helen Clarke, Tax, Trusts and Estates partner at Irwin Mitchell No major changes to Inheritance Tax (IHT) and Capital Gains Tax (CGT)...

Hannah Braisted

New ONS stats show civil partnerships growing in popularity for opposite-sex couples

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) released their annual statistics for 2020 on civil partnerships in England and Wales earlier this...

Irwin Mitchell

The holidays are here - but are your finances ready?

Christmas time is fast approaching and although it can be the most wonderful time of the year, it can also be a time of year that can put...

Nicola Hawkins

Aw, you shouldn't have! The issue of unwanted inherited personal items

By Laura Colville, Tax, Trusts and Estates senior associate at Irwin Mitchell It’s a joy to receive a gift but we’ve all had an...

Nicola Hawkins

HMRC's guidance of lifetime gifts

By Emily Wentworth, Tax, Trusts and Estates solicitor at Irwin Mitchell HMRC’s new guidance on lifetime gifts helpfully sets out the...

Irwin Mitchell

Good Divorce Week: "I feel like I am stuck in the middle right now...": Psychological splitting defence in children of separated parents

By Eugenie Taylor, Family Law associate at Irwin Mitchell As family lawyers, we hear this far too often from separated parents describing...