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Posts from June 2020

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Irwin Mitchell

A will from 3003 and 'no-challenge' clauses: A deep dive into Dawson v Dawson

By Richard Smaller, a solicitor in the Leeds Will, Trust and Estate Disputes team Probate claims rarely go to trial, and even then so...

Irwin Mitchell

Chanel No. 5... or 7? Beneficiaries fight over Lagerfeld's estate

By Katherine Reed, trainee solicitor in the London Will, Trust and Estate Disputes team Mystery surrounds the estate of fashion designer...

Irwin Mitchell

Homemade wills and third-party disclosure: Gardiner v Tabet explained

When the validity of a will is questioned, the concerned party has been able to make a request in order to get some more information...

Irwin Mitchell

Universal standard needed for banks handing out cash before probate, experts warn

A recent article from the Daily Mail has once more put a spotlight on banks handing out huge sums of money to a deceased's family before...

Irwin Mitchell

Many banking on inheritance for later life, new study finds

A new study from pensions provider Hargreaves Lansdowne has found the British public are relying on intergenerational wealth more than...

Irwin Mitchell

Tiger King: Carole Baskin's husband's will was forged, says sheriff

By Katherine Reed, a trainee solicitor in the Will, Trust and Estate Disputes team When we look back and remember 'Lockdown 2020', it's...

Irwin Mitchell

No-fault divorce back for second reading

By Marie Kilgallen, Family Law associate The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill is due to receive its second reading today (8...