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Posts from December 2015

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Irwin Mitchell

How to die well, with help from your attorney

Guidance from NICE about end of life care embraces common sense and compassion.  These are also  the principles that a good health and...

Irwin Mitchell

Has your divorce settlement been wrongly calculated by MoJ Form E software error?

Divorced couples should look back at their Form E (and the Form E of theirformer spouse), and manually calculate atparagraph 2.20 the...

Irwin Mitchell

Pensioners will be able to sell annuities from April 2017

Pensioners will be able to convert their income for life to a capital sum. This is a very welcome measure.

Irwin Mitchell

Opera star given a suspended jail sentence for tax evasion

Montserrat Caballe has received a six-month suspended jail sentence and has been fined £180,000 for tax evasion.

Irwin Mitchell

Japan to rule on laws that prevent women remarrying within six months of divorce

Japan will decide this week whether to uphold, amend or strike out the controversial law which dates back to the 19th century.  The law...

Irwin Mitchell

'Successful' party ordered to pay costs

In the recent Judgment of Jones v Longley 2015 EWHC 3362 Ch, the First Defendant has been ordered to personally pay the costs of the...

Irwin Mitchell

Not very taxing

On the train home last night I was reading the Evening Standard and came across Chris Blackhurst's article on tax havens.   In essence,...

Irwin Mitchell

Is HMRC monitoring your Facebook account?

HMRC and other organisations (such as insurance companies) are searching the internet for evidence relating to your lifestyle.   HMRC in...