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Posts from September 2022

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Emma Diack

Long Awaited Extension To Storage Time Limit For Eggs, Sperm And Embryos

The Health and Care Act 2022 has recently come into force, which has altered the law on the frozen storage of gametes (eggs and sperm)...

Irwin Mitchell

The Real Effect Of The Budget On Lower And Higher Income Households

With a new Prime Minister, it’s not surprising to see a fairly immediate statement on the country’s finances. The most surprising part...

Sarah AlJourani

Landmark Ruling Means Judgements Made In English Courts Can Now Be Enforced In The UAE

A landmark ruling by Judge Abdul Rahman Murad Al Bloushi at the Ministry of Justice in the United Arab Emirates brings in a new era in...

Jennifer Pollock

What Are Grandparents’ Rights When It Comes to Seeing Their Grandchildren?

With rising childcare costs and a two parent working family now being the norm, grandparents are playing an increasingly important role...

Rachel Baker

Family Matters - What Can Be Done When Parents Disagree about the Choice of Their Child's School?

Many parents will be faced with the task of choosing a school for their child as the applications for new school places open in the...

Rabab Zulfukar

Joint Tenancies Vs Tenants In Common: Severance Of A Joint Tenancy

Legacies consisting of shares in properties owned by more than one individual can often result in disputes. The crux of these disputes is...

Rachel Baker

Family Matters – Couples Will Often Try One Last Holiday Ahead of Summer Separations

It’s often said that the first Monday in January is known as “Divorce Day” this being the supposed busiest day for divorce lawyers across...

Jelena Korobkova

Christmas holiday can be the most wonderful time of the year, if contact arrangements are planned early!

By Jelena Korobkova, solicitor in our Family Law team With the long and hot summer finally coming to an end, most will shortly turn their...

John Bunker

Liz Truss has won the Conservative party election and becomes our new Prime Minister – so what this could mean in the world of tax?

Tax policy is all about choices, not just the total tax burden but also the individuals, or businesses who bear that tax. Recent tax...