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Posts from June 2022

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Katherine Thorpe

Leasehold Ground Rents: The beginning of the next generation

A fundamental change in residential leasehold ownership begins as the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act 2022 comes into effect on 30th...

Scott Halliday

Summer Holidays Abroad Can Bring Concerns About International Child Abduction

The school summer holidays are a special time of the year for children to spend quality time with their parents, especially where their...

Gillian Coverley

Lack Of IHT Rules

The threshold above which Inheritance Tax (IHT) may become payable has been fixed since 2009 at £325,000 (“the nil rate band”). We know...

Jennifer Pollock

Top Tips for Avoiding Summer Holiday Disputes

We know that making arrangements for holidays with your children following divorce or separation  can be tricky, so here are our top tips...

Nicola Midgley

Further HMRC Nudge Letters Are Imminent -This Time Targeting Non-Resident Corporate Landlords

HMRC’s latest round of nudge letters are due to target non-resident corporate landlords and will focus on the Annual Tax on Enveloped...

Michelle Chapman

Better Educated People May Be Able To “Hide Dementia Longer”

A recent article funded by the Alzheimer’s Society has suggested that people who are better educated are less likely to be diagnosed with...