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Posts from May 2019

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Irwin Mitchell

Fixing mistakes and drawing inferences - widow gets her fair inheritance

Clarke v Allen is yet another case which highlights the difficulties that can flow from poor relationships between first and second...

Irwin Mitchell

Could your phone's GPS and digital footprint determine who inherits your estate?

French music star Johnny Hallyday died in 2017, triggering national mourning in France.  He had residences in the United States and in...

Irwin Mitchell

Cleaner awarded a share of her late boss' estate

With family dynamics becoming more complex, it is increasingly common for there to be family fall outs. That, together with many more...

Irwin Mitchell

Digital assets and the danger of assumptions

The law regarding digital assets is fast evolving and took another step forward last week as reported in The Times. Apple took and...

Irwin Mitchell

A matter of trust

When a family tragedy strikes it is natural to turn to friends and family for support, be that emotional or practical. However, as far as...

Irwin Mitchell

Probate pandemonium

The forthcoming changes to probate fees have been well publicised in both the professional press and the general media. However very...

Irwin Mitchell

β€œOne day all this will be yours – or will it?”

The High Court in Bristol handed down its decision earlier this week in the case of Guest v Guest [2019] EWHC 869 (Ch), which is yet...