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Posts from September 2023

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Sarah AlJourani

Sharia Series; Mahr and the English court system.

Mahr (sometimes referred to as mehr) is an obligatory gift provided by a husband to his wife at the time of an Islamic marriage. There is...

Matthew Briggs

Bridging The Generational Gap Through Philanthropy

It is often said about family money that the first generation makes it, the second spends it, and that it is lost by the third...

Nicola Hawkins

Legal Authority To Act For A Loved One Living With Dementia

Today is World Alzheimer's Day. It is estimated there are nearly one million people living in the UK with dementia.  The purpose of World...

Connie Smith

Trusts and Divorce - Considerations for advisors to HNW and UHNW individuals

The family trust is a common vehicle set up to ensure the retention and growth of family wealth through future generations. Many of the...

Nicola Hawkins

Internet Scams and Fluctuating Capacity, A Personal Perspective

Lawyers rarely like to disclose details of their personal lives.  However, I wanted to take the opportunity to advise, following some...

Vicky Lambert

World Suicide Prevention Day

As we approach World Suicide Prevention Day on Sunday 10 September; I thought it might be helpful to reflect on the theme of ‘Creating...

Laura Pang

Covid Closures To Probate Offices Still Causing Delays Leaving Grieving People At Risk Of Financial Hardship

Delays in the issue of probate documents hit an all time high in 2023. As at May 2023, the average wait time for a Grant of Probate (on...