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Posts from May 2024

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Marie Newton

Will Disputes: Using a Caveat to prevent a Grant of Probate

For many people, the death of a loved one can bring uncertainty and stress, at a time when they are already grieving. In cases where...

Lily Park

Parental Responsibility To Be Automatically Suspended For Child Rapists

A recent amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill will mean that people who have committed the most serious sexual offences against a child...

Daniel Moreton

Breaking Traditions: Japan’s Child Custody Revolution

Japan’s parliament has recently approved a significant change to a decades-old law that has been subject to criticism from divorced...

Stewart Stretton-Hill

Facing Facts – Denial Of Dementia

Dementia is arguably one of the cruellest of medical conditions, stripping families of their loved one’s identity. It is very hard on...

Matthew Briggs

Smaller Charities: Mergers and Amalgamations

Charity mergers were at a record low in 2022/2023, with just 48 mergers recorded and a total of 96 organisations involved, according to...

Catriona Ellis

Are Nuptial Agreements Legally Binding?

What is a prenuptial agreement? A prenuptial agreement, or “prenup”, is a document that a couple enter into before they get married or...

Stewart Stretton-Hill

Dementia Action Week: Living Well With Dementia – Early Diagnosis and Early Preparation

Recent advancements in blood tests for Alzheimer's diagnosis represent a significant leap forward in the medical field. These tests could...

Nicola Hawkins

The Importance Of Discussing Funeral Wishes

This week is Dying Matter Awareness Week.  The campaign is to raise awareness of the need to talk about death. This year's theme is the...

Gillian Coverley

The Importance of Making and Updating a Will

Research shows there is still reluctance to write a Will, meaning that a large percentage of the UK population will have their estate...

Suzi Denton

Changes to Family Procedure Rules usher in new era for Family law and mediation

This week, new rules have been put in place with the aim of encouraging families to resolve their disputes away from the Family courts....