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Posts from July 2021

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Michelle Chapman

Dispute over the estate of James Brown settled after 15 years

Written by Rachael Williams, solicitor in the Will, Trust and Estate Disputes team at Irwin Mitchell After almost 15 years a settlement...

Yogi Amin

Help! I need somebody... to prepare me for the summer 2021 exams appeals process!

As the dates for release of GCSE, AS, A level and VTQ results draw ever nearer, Jennifer Wright, one of our education experts has set out...

Yogi Amin

The summer 2021 exams appeals process: key things to know

Decisions on exam grades can can have a significant impact on the child’s educational progress and life chances. Therefore the process...

Irwin Mitchell

The benefits of a joined-up approach to your finances

The more complex an issue is, the more important that everyone involved is on the same page. When it comes to our finances, our lives,...

Michelle Chapman

Mystery estranged daughter set to receive father’s entire estate

Written by Lucy-Allena McIlroy, Will, Trust and Estate Disputes solicitor at Irwin Mitchell Alexander Thomson died in September 2020,...

Jodie Buck

Fixated on a minor issue - but enough for an executor’s removal? Hudman v Morris explained

By Richard Smaller and James Wright, solicitors in the Will, Trust and Estate Disputes team at Irwin Mitchell What counts as unreasonable...

Michelle Chapman

Why it's important to make your wishes clear: funeral and burial disputes

Written by Danni Brannon, solicitor and Elliot Booth, trainee solicitor in the Will, Trust and Estate Disputes team at Irwin Mitchell The...

Nicola Hawkins

What are the first steps to take when someone dies?

By paralegal Laura Williams and solicitor Nicola Hawkins in the Tax, Trusts and Estates team at Irwin Mitchell Losing a loved one can be...

Michelle Chapman

Sisters' appeal rejected after judge upholds their father's will

Permission to appeal has been rejected in the case of Miles & Anor v Shearer. The case was brought under the Inheritance Act 1975 by the...

Cheryl Palmer-Hughes

A shot across the bows: torpedo proceedings in cross-border litigation

by Daniel Matchett, Associate Solicitor, Irwin Mitchell LLP As international travel resumes following a hiatus during the global...

Nicola Hawkins

The case of Britney Spears: Conservatorship and deputyship

Last week conservatorship in the US once again made headlines news, with details of how Britney Spears’s conservators have managed all of...