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Posts from September 2019

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Irwin Mitchell

Supreme consequences for family law?

The Supreme Court decision yesterday has, understandably received extensive and prominent coverage and, it's fair to say, has been...

Irwin Mitchell

Mental Health Should Be At Forefront Of Family Law Children Cases, Lawyers Urge

Fundamental changes are needed in the family courts in order to prioritise mental health in children and parents, with lawyers urging...

Irwin Mitchell

Later Life Marriages Bucking Trend In Latest ONS Stats

Older generations are continuing to get married and defy a decline in marriage rates, according to new statistics. The research,...

Irwin Mitchell

Son Of Nurse Fails In Claim For Biggest Inheritance Share

The son of a former nurse lost a three-year battle with his siblings this week over his mother’s will after trying to secure the biggest...

Irwin Mitchell

FTT rejects HMRC’s view (and supports IM) on Entrepreneurs’ Relief for trustees

Our article published here in June discussed the key requirements for Entrepreneurs’ Relief (ER) where trusts are concerned and HMRC’s...

Irwin Mitchell

Changes to Main Residence Relief and Lettings Relief

Anyone with more than one home who sells a property after 5 April 2020 is likely to have more tax to pay than if it were sold on or...

Irwin Mitchell

Donor conception for single mothers

The NHS commissioners for South East London were forced to apologise recently after it emerged that the organisation’s IVF treatment...

Irwin Mitchell

Are we signing everything away electronically?

The Law Commission has yesterday confirmed that electronic signatures can be used to execute documents, even where there is legislation...

Irwin Mitchell

Home loans causing family rifts

The "Bank of Mum and Dad" is currently Britain's tenth biggest lender with loans totalling £6.3bn, according to an article in The Times...