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The number of people and companies being questioned and charged for fraud and financial crimes has increased because investigative authorities and the police have more powers to look into possible financial offences.  You are more likely than ever before to be investigated for financial mismanagement or suspect dealings and anyone who has ever been through such an investigation will tell you that it is usually a traumatic and disruptive experience.

Criminal investigations into financial crime and fraud can involve:

  • Being interviewed under caution
  • Being forced to hand over documents or information
  • Your home and offices being searched
  • Property being seized and taken from your home or offices
  • Your electronic devices including computers being seized and searched
  • Restraint orders or property freezing orders against your personal and company assets
  • Being charged with a criminal offence
  • Facing prosecution in the Magistrates' and Crown courts
  • On conviction, your assets being taken and you being ordered to pay the costs of taking you to court

How Irwin Mitchell Can Help You

We have significant experience and expertise in helping clients overcome any of the above experiences and have successfully defended thousands of clients in this complex area of criminal law. 

We know the issues that you, your employees and your family will be facing and we offer a great deal of support and expert advice in defending your case and dealing with related problems. If necessary, we can instruct medical consultants and forensic psychologists to advise us whether you are fit to deal with an investigation or prosecution. 

Our fraud and financial crime team are dedicated to providing the best possible service for you and in fighting for a positive outcome for your case.  We have handled cases both in the UK and internationally and deal with cases from minor fraud to major international fraud. 

If it will help your case, we can work with forensic experts in forensic technology, accountancy and tax to start building your defence as early as possible. 

Our criminal investigation defence solicitors can be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can trust us to put together a defence for you and protect you from any media interest. Some examples of the sorts of offences that we are expert in handling include:

  • Companies Act offences
  • Company Director Disqualification Act offences
  • Conspiracy to defraud
  • Corruption and bribery
  • Data Protection Act offences
  • False accounting Financial Services & Markets Act (FSMA) offences
  • Fraud and dishonesty offences under the Fraud Act and Theft Act
  • Fraudulent trading Illegal price fixing and cartel offences (Enterprise Act)
  • Insider dealing
  • Market abuse
  • Misleading statements and practices
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Perjury
  • Perverting the course of justice
  • VAT or tax evasion

Whatever your situation, we pride ourselves on providing clear advice in plain English so you understand each step we take. 

Funding Your Case

We act on a privately paying basis, often through insurance policies and sometimes through legal aid. We can advise you about the best way to fund your case.

We will always discuss with you the likely costs of your case and will tell you if the cost is likely to be more or less than expected as we proceed. We always aim to keep your costs as low as possible and will ensure you get best value for money.

Call Today For A No-Obligation Discussion

If you have been arrested, are on police bail or have been charged, or you believe that you may at risk of arrest or are under suspicion of a criminal offence, then please contact our team as soon as possible.

For an initial discussion, with no obligation, call Sarah Wallace on 020 7421 3876 or 07808 899657, or Paul Haycock on 0114 274 4275. Alternatively, contact us online and we will get back to you.


They have "long experience advising on white-collar criminal matters, such as alleged tax frauds and benchmark rate manipulation" and a "Significant record of acting on criminal insider dealing proceedings against the FCA." They are also "Regularly sought after by individuals involved in high-profile investigations and prosecutions led by HMRC and the CPS." – Chambers & Partners, 2018

"An excellent firm. They are very responsive to clients’ needs, very proactive and they add value significantly to the preparation and conduct of the case."
Chambers & Partners 2016

Legal 500 2015 says that practice head Sarah Wallace "fights tooth and nail for her clients, while remaining pragmatic," while Chambers & Partners 2016 says that she's "highly regarded and very thorough."

Financial Crime

  • Arrest & Police Station Advice
    If you have been arrested, are on police bail or have been charged, or you believe that you may be at risk of arrest or are under suspicion of a criminal offence, then contact our expert lawyers as soon as possible for advice.
  • Cartels & Illegal Price Fixing
    Our experienced team has worked on some of the most high-profile price fixing and cartel investigations, so we have the experience needed to help you if you are being investigated.
  • Cash Seizure & Forfeiture
    Having cash seized or confiscated under the Proceeds of Crime Act can be confusing and traumatic for you, your family and your business partners. If you have been affected, contact one of our specialist lawyers as soon as possible.
  • Confiscation & Asset Seizure
    Our restraint and asset recovery team can help you if you have had cash or assets seized or confiscated as part of a criminal or civil investigation.
  • Corruption & Bribery
    We can advise you on all aspects of any corruption and bribery investigation and prosecution.
  • Dept for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Investigations
    We can advise you on an investigation by the Dept for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and aim to minimise the disruption caused to you and your business.
  • FCA Criminal Investigations
    If you are being investigated for criminal activity by the Financial Conduct Authority, you should contact our expert team as soon as possible to assess your options and protect your position.
  • Insider Dealing & Market Abuse Investigations
    We have an established reputation for providing advice and assistance to individuals or companies who are caught up in an insider dealing or market abuse investigation.
  • Internal Investigations & Whistleblowers
    Whether you are subject to an internal investigation, are conducting such procedures or are yourself considering whistleblowing, Irwin Mitchell can advise you.
  • International Corporate & Financial Crime
    Our lawyers deal with a broad range of national and international criminal investigations, mutual assistance requests and extradition proceedings.
  • Money Laundering
    We can offer advice from experts who have knowledge of both the regulatory and criminal aspects of money laundering.
  • Mortgage Fraud
    If you are under scrutiny for mortgage fraud, our expert solicitors can help and advise you from initial investigation through to trial if necessary.
  • Restraint Orders & Receivership
    If you are suddenly served with a restraint order, you will need to speak immediately to one of our specialist lawyers who can advise and represent you.
  • Tax Investigations & Prosecutions
    We have an established reputation for providing advice and assistance to individuals who face or are under threat of financial tax investigation or prosecution by Revenue & Customs.

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