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It's a fact of life that we all get sick sometimes, but if you have suffered a gastric or respiratory illness, because of someone else's negligence, our illness lawyers could help you make a No Win No Fee* compensation claim. These conditions can have serious health implications and can even be fatal, so it's important to have lawyers on your side with experience of handling these cases.

Our expert team has dealt with thousands of illness compensation cases, including:

The symptoms of these illnesses can often be life changing. In cases of gastric illness, many people develop post-infective irritable bowel syndrome (PI-IBS), which can have a major impact on their day-to-day life. Other serious long term effects may include:

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Rheumatological conditions
  • Psychological problems
  • Exacerbation of a pre-existing condition

Respiratory illnesses such as Legionnaires' disease can have serious complications, and can even be fatal for those who are already vulnerable, such as children and the elderly.

Our expert lawyers have years of experience of making illness claims in the UK and abroad, both for individuals and groups of clients making a claim together. We can help you find who was responsible for your illness and get you the compensation you need to help move on with your life. If you've lost a loved one through illness, we can also help you claim on their behalf.

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Illness Claims - More Information
    • What Will Happen When I Make A Claim?
    • When you contact us, you'll speak to one of our friendly team members, who will talk to you about your illness. This initial consultation is free and from there, we'll advise you on the best way to take your claim forward.

      Contacting Those Responsible For Your Illness

      We'll help you work out who is responsible for your illness and get in touch with them at an early stage to see if they accept the blame for what happened. If they accept responsibility, we'll try to secure some of your compensation up-front, which can fund private medical care and expenses while your claim is ongoing. These payments are known as interim payments, and will be taken out of your final compensation award.

      Gathering Evidence

      Our experts will look into your case in detail, gathering evidence and enquiring with other customers who may have been affected. We'll employ medical professionals to find out how your illness impacted your health and recommend the care you'll need in the future in order to make the best recovery possible.

      Final Settlement & Compensation Awarded

      We'll always try and negotiate claims out of court, keeping the claim process as short as we can. However, if your opponent doesn't accept responsibility or doesn't agree with the amount of compensation we feel you need, we'll start court proceedings.

      Even when trial dates have been set, claims are still often settled before reaching court. If your claim needs to be decided at court, we'll be there to help you every step of the way, talking you through what will happen so you feel as comfortable as possible.

      Read more about what happens if your case goes to court.

    • How Long Do I Have To Make A Claim?
    • You normally have to make a personal injury claim within three years of your illness so you should contact us as soon as possible. Getting in touch with us shortly after your illness makes collecting evidence easier and helps get you the compensation you need as soon as possible. It can also help us find other people who have contracted an illness from the same place and file a stronger group claim.

      There are some exceptions to the three year time limit, including:

      • International claims - time limits in other countries may be shorter, so you should contact us as soon as possible to find out if you could claim.
      • Claims on behalf of children - these can be made at any point before their 18th birthday. When the child reaches 18, they can make their own claim at any stage up until they turn 21.
      • Mental capacity - there are no time limits to make a claim on behalf of someone who doesn’t have the ability to handle their own case.
      • Fatal claims - some illnesses can be fatal in people with underlying illnesses, people with weakened immune systems and other vulnerable individuals. To make a claim on behalf of your loved one, you'll have three years from the date they died to make a claim.

      If you would like to make a personal injury claim, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible so we can start work on your case. Call us today on 0800 056 4110 for a free initial consultation to discuss your situation.

    • What Can Compensation Pay For?
    • By making an illness compensation claim, you can access funds to help cover expenses and any medical treatment you may need.

      Every case is different, so there's no set amount of compensation you'll receive. The amount of compensation you'll get will depend on your circumstances, the severity of your illness and your chances of making a full recovery.

      To work out how much compensation you're entitled to, we'll take into account factors such as:

      • Expenses - including travel expenses to medical appointments, prescriptions and things that help with daily living.
      • Loss of earnings - to cover any time you've had off work and time off you may need in the future. This figure can also cover matters such as not returning to the same role or not being able to return to work.
      • Pain and suffering - caused by your illness.
      • Further treatments - to pay for any further medical procedures you may need

      If you'd like to make a compensation claim, contact us to set up a free initial consultation on 0800 056 4110.

    • Can I Make A No Win No Fee Claim?
    • Many of our cases are funded with a No Win No Fee agreement. This means that there's no financial risk* to you when making a compensation claim.

      At the start of your case we'll discuss funding options with you, advising you which we think is most suitable. If you have legal expenses insurance (LEI) or are covered by a trade union policy, these may be better options to fund your claim. Legal expenses insurance is included in many household insurance policies, so it's always worth checking whether you're already covered.

      If we think you're best supported by a No Win No Fee agreement, we'll explain the process clearly. This involves setting up an insurance policy that will protect you, at no cost to you. You'll only have to pay anything when your claim is successful - your opponent will pay most of our fees.

      Please visit our No Win No Fee page for more information on how it works.

    • Meet The Team
    • Our personal injury experts are based across the country so are never too far away from you. We'll always take the time to get to know you and will make sure we understand what happened in your illness and the effect it's had on your life.

      Your lawyer will run your case as efficiently as possible and will start investigating your claim as soon as possible. We always provide clear advice on what's happening and can advise you on a number of issues including financial planning and state benefit entitlement.

      Our Personal Injury team has been applauded by leading legal guides, Chambers & Partners and the Legal 500. In 2016, Chambers & Partners said: "They are excellent, very knowledgeable and considerate to their clients, in whom they take a personal interest." The Legal 500, in 2015, described us as a "leading player" and recognised that we "handle every case thoroughly and compassionately." In 2016 the Legal 500 described Amandeep Dhillon, who heads the Public Health team, as "a great team player and strategic thinker".

      We're also proud to have won the Claimant Solicitor of the Year prize at the Rehabilitation First Awards on seven different occasions. This award recognises our key focus on rehabilitation, making sure that our clients can access the care and support they need.

      View our Public Health team.

We are extremely grateful to Irwin Mitchell who diligently pursued our cases for us."

Ken, Client

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kinds Of Illness Could I Claim For?

Our illness team deals with a range of sickness, from gastric illness to respiratory conditions caused by inhaling poisonous gases or bacteria from contaminated water.

We have extensive experience dealing with cases of gastric illness including:

  • Norovirus
  • Salmonella
  • Campylobacter
  • Shigella
  • E-Coli
  • Guillan-Barre as a result of suffering gastric illness
  • Cryptosporidium
  • Giardia
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a result of suffering gastric illness
  • Reactive Arthritis Psychological illness as a result of suffering gastric illness

We've also helped those who've developed Legionnaires' disease, a lung infection caused by breathing in droplets of contaminated water, often from poorly-maintained air conditioning units or water systems/tanks.

The team also deals with cases of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can cause a range of symptoms, from dizziness and fatigue to seizures and loss of consciousness and in serious cases can even be fatal.

All these illnesses can have permanent complications for a person’s health as well as being painful and distressing in the short-term. We help our clients access the support they need to make the best recovery they can, ensuring that the full impact of their illness is reflected in the compensation they are awarded. We also have extensive experience bringing group claims where necessary.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you make a compensation claim.

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Who Is Responsible For My Illness?

Illness is sometimes unavoidable and is not always somebody's fault. However, if you've become ill because someone else has failed in their duty of care to you, you may be able to make an illness compensation claim.

Gastric illness is one of the most common forms of sickness in the UK. Anyone selling food has a responsibility to ensure that appropriate hygiene and safety measures are in place to protect the wellbeing of others. This may include:

  • Restaurants, bars, pubs, fast food or cafés
  • Supermarkets and shops selling ready-to-eat food
  • Festivals

In addition, those in charge of public buildings or private accommodation have a duty to make sure the environment is safe for visitors and inhabitants. Spaces should be cleaned regularly to prevent contamination while appliances, plumbing and air conditioning systems should be properly installed and kept in good working order in compliance with the relevant safety standards.

If you are coming to us after suffering a respiratory condition - for example Legionnaires' Disease or the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning - responsibility could lie with:

  • Landlords and building owners
  • Hotels or cruise lines
  • Councils or other public bodies in charge of public buildings

Infection is usually caused by a breakdown in hygiene standards, so when things aren't up to scratch, the risk of illness is increased. Issues we often deal with include:

  • Swimming pools not properly cleaned
  • Faulty air-conditioning units
  • Food prepared in unhygienic environments or left out for long periods
  • Contaminated drinking water

Whatever your situation, we'll work with you to find out the cause of your illness and secure the compensation you deserve.

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Can I Claim If I Was Ill Abroad?

Sadly, hygiene standards in other countries are not always up to what we would expect back at home. Our dedicated team has helped tens of thousands of people recover compensation after becoming ill abroad, either while working there or taking a holiday.

In the past few years alone, our International Personal Injury team has secured over £100 million in compensation for those who suffered illness or injury abroad. We're also able to help you pursue a claim if you've lost a loved one due to illness contracted abroad - we'll help you get compensation that not only reflects their suffering, but also ensures you're provided for in the future.

Visit our Illness Abroad page for more information.

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