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Posts from November 2018

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Irwin Mitchell

Write the right will: The perils of clauses

For those who think that will drafting is a relatively straightforward job, this recent example in the High Court just goes to showy how...

Irwin Mitchell

Probate fees: the real tax on death

Inheritance tax (IHT) and how to avoid it is often in the news. Only recently much comment was made about how the late Bruce Forsyth...

Irwin Mitchell

Old McDonald had a farm… and everyone started fighting over it

Yet another dispute involving a family farm hits the headlines.  My colleague Heather Roberts, an associate in our Manchester office has...

Irwin Mitchell

Inheritance laws in Tunisia - why are women still waiting for equality?

To mark International Women’s Day this year, men and women in Tunisia took to the streets in the country’s capital to demand equal...

Irwin Mitchell

Are you one of millions who has underestimated the cost of future care?

We don't always like to think about what our later life future holds, but whilst we are all now living longer, that does not necessarily...

Irwin Mitchell

Adoption applications are falling - but why?

A recent statistic shows that adoption applications by heterosexual couples has fallen 36% in the past four years.   And it is thought...

Irwin Mitchell

Do I have to fund my legal fees on divorce?

It is a common misconception that if you either cannot fund your legal costs or do not have the 'cash flow' to do so, there are no...

Irwin Mitchell

Pension Pot Tax Shock

With the advent of auto enrolment in 2012, more Britons than ever before are contributing to a pension scheme.  We all know that we...

Irwin Mitchell

Are your expectations for retirement savings and the cost of future care realistic?

Whilst we are all now living longer, that does not necessarily equate to a healthy life expectancy.  It is important not to ignore the...

Irwin Mitchell

My costs: Did I win or not?

An important question of costs was considered on appeal in the case of Griffin v Higgs & Ors [2018] last month. This was a will dispute...