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Posts from October 2018

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Irwin Mitchell

Giving it all away: lifetime gifting to avoid IHT

When the term "tax planning" is banded about in the press and on social media, many people imagine complex and expensive schemes...

Irwin Mitchell

Asian Divorce: Digging for Gold

As a specialist in this area, I am often asked to advise on the issue of jewellery and dowry.  Here is my summary and some top tips....

Irwin Mitchell

Ashes To Ashes - A judge has to rule

A case involving a dispute about ashes and who should be allowed to attend a cremation has been widely reported in the media. TV comedian...

Irwin Mitchell

Man who 'doesn't like cows' in farm inheritance battle

A humorous headline from the BBC as often is the case in our area of law. My colleague Nazia Nawaz, a senior associate in our Manchester...

Irwin Mitchell

In the Estate of Lord Templeman deceased: Summary judgment in a probate claim is possible, just not this one

In the mid 70s, Mr Justice Templeman as he then was, gave the leading judgment in Kenward v Adams 1975, setting out the now infamous...

Irwin Mitchell

Promise of Land - is it really enforceable?

One of my colleagues in our Manchester office, Nazia Nawaz, has brought the case of Moore v Moore to my attention and comments as...

Irwin Mitchell

The Protection Racket

Sadly, this is another example of how the very system that is supposed to protect vulnerable people can be used against them.  In this...