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Posts from May 2018

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Irwin Mitchell

A 'Payneful' experience

The issue of attestation of wills came to the fore in the recent case of Payne & Anor v Payne [2018] when, on appeal, the court decided...

Irwin Mitchell

Inheritance and parental wealth within divorce

Within divorce disputes an increasing number of cases focus upon parental financial support, family money and inheritance.  In the case...

Irwin Mitchell

Cohabitation and the problem of proving constructive trusts or proprietary estoppel

The case of Dobson v Griffey is a timely reminder of the difficulties involved in proving constructive trusts or proprietary estoppel in...

Irwin Mitchell

A taxing time for the unwary

A timely reminder that an executor has obligations to discharge the deceased's debts and ensure that all tax due on an estate is...