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Diversity & Inclusion

Organisations have so much to benefit from attracting a diverse workforce and making their workplaces safe and productive. Increasingly, the best talent in the market are choosing to work for businesses who build an inclusive culture where they can bring their best contribution.

Clients, regulators, suppliers and staff are changing their requirements and expect organisations to adopt ESG. Investing in knowledge and advice can help you adhere to regulatory requirements, become a destination for the best people, facilitate growth, avoid discrimination and build an engaged workforce.

There are already mandatory reporting requirements for businesses of a certain size to track and disclose elements like gender pay gap, but we are now also seeing regulators like the FCA broadening these requirements. More can be expected in the future.

We are passionate about our colleagues and are constantly striving to improve our own experience here at Irwin Mitchell and we bring that, together with our legal expertise, to help you and your business get the best out of your team. Our suite of services can help you start or evolve your journey towards a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

How Can We Help?

Digital Training Modules

We have a range of D & I training modules available for employers and employees. These cover a range of topics and can be delivered at a time and place to suit you and your workforce.

  • D & I modules developed by Employment Lawyers and D & I specialists
  • Delivered online with multiple modules and assessments
  • Completion and results monitored & reported
  • Certificates issued
  • Tailored by sector where appropriate.

For more details or to enquire about specific modules, please get in touch with one of our ESG specialist team by phone or email.

0161 259 0864

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Diversity & Inclusion at Irwin Mitchell

Being an inclusive employer where all talent feel they can succeed and contribute and become the best they can is at the heart of our culture. Our Board and senior management as well as all our colleagues are totally focused on engineering a culture of fairness and diverse mind-sets and we believe that this is a business goal that will continue to enable us to best serve our clients and be a high performing organisation.

Diversity & Inclusion at Irwin Mitchell
Diverse group of Irwin Mitchell colleagues

The Training Course

Find out more about our D & I training course in this short video which will help you understand what you can expect from the training sessions.

Delivered online by one of our qualified legal D & I employment lawyers, the training will help guide you through workplace situations or disputes to minimise the risk to your employees and the business. 

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Contact Details

For all ESG enquiries, please contact Charlotte Rees-John, Partner, by phone or email.

0161 259 0864