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Cyber Security

Ensuring the security of your business systems and the privacy of your business and customers data is a critical part of being a responsible business and ensuring trust from all stakeholders.

Loss of data can cause significant business disruption and a breach of data can result in fines and damage to your customers as well as your reputation in the market. With the increasing variety and sophistication of cyber threats, your systems need to be reviewed constantly and kept up to date with the latest preventative measures.

The dedicated team that looks after our systems and data at Irwin Mitchell can provide you with an assessment of your cyber security to better understand any risks and provide simple easy to implement recommendations to better protect your business. Our specialist GDPR experts are also on hand to advise on data usage and the regulations that need to be complied with to ensure you avoid any issues.

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Our Work In Cyber Security

“The results were a real insight into the cyber loopholes in my business which I had thought was pretty sound. The actions needed to correct the position were clearly laid out and easy to understand. Would definitely recommend for peace of mind.”

CEO and founder of a UK law firm | Cyber audit client

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For all ESG enquiries, please contact Graham Thomson, Chief Information Security Officer, by phone or email.

0333 0100 359