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Posts from January 2024

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Sarah AlJourani

Sharia Series: Marriage And Divorce In Dubai

The Office of National Statistics reported that in the year ending June 2023, 508,000 British nationals had emigrated out of the UK long...

Stephanie Kerr

Cohabitation:  A Contentious Probate Perspective

The legal implications of cohabitation have been making headlines recently, with a number of changes to the entitlement of cohabitees to...

Joanna Uzoka

Cohabitation And The Myth Of Common Law Marriage

A surprisingly large percentage of people living in England and Wales think that unmarried couples who live together have the same or...

Nancy Dobson

Reception class placements: How to appeal

The deadline of Monday 15 January 2024 to apply for reception places for children starting school has recently passed. Parents and carers...

Stephanie Kerr

How to make sure your Will is valid if you are blind or visually impaired

This week marked an important day in the international calendar for raising awareness and celebrating the importance of accessibility and...