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Posts from August 2023

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Sarah AlJourani

Sharia Series; validity of marriage, a focus on Tousi v Gaydukova [2023]

The Office of National Statistics recorded that in 2019, there were 219,850 legally valid marriages in England and Wales. The number of...

Lara Jackson

McLean v McLean – The High Bar Needed To Establish Mutual Wills

A recent case in the High Court brings in the question of trust when creating a mirror Will with a spouse. Following the death of her...

Nicola Hawkins

Barbie owns the Dream House, so what happens to Ken? - Examining the estate planning and probate issues at stake

By now, you will have likely seen or heard about the new Barbie film, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.  In the film, the Dream...

Tara Smith

‘Enduring Family Relationship’ – Can We Be Friends?

For National Surrogacy week 2023, I wanted to reflect on one particular case from the last year that will give many modern families a...

Antonia Birchall

The Perils Of Pensions in Divorce

It’s critical that, as part of the separation process, couples take time to think about and discuss one of their single most valuable...