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In the last 10 years, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has increased the number of criminal investigations relating to insider trading and market abuse.

Our expert team of solicitors can advise you on how to avoid the risk of a criminal or regulatory investigation.

We can also advise and defend you if an investigation or prosecution is already underway.

Our team has recently helped high level individuals and firms being investigated for the following types of market abuse:

  • Insider trading
    When a person intends to trade on the basis of inside information they have acquired.
  • Improper disclosure
    This is where an insider improperly reveals inside information to another person. This can be verbal or printed information.
  • Misuse of information
    Where your behaviour is based on information that is not generally available, but would influence a decision about whether or not to invest or trade.
  • Manipulating transactions
    Trading, or placing orders to trade, that gives a false or misleading impression of the products or supply, raising the price of the investment to an abnormal or artificial level.
  • Manipulating devices
    Trading, or placing orders to trade, which employs fictitious devices or any other form of deception.
  • Dissemination
    Passing on information that conveys a false or misleading impression about an investment or the issuer of an investment when you know the information to be false or misleading.
  • Distortion and misleading behaviour
    When you give false or misleading impressions of either the supply of, or demand for, an investment; or behaviour that otherwise distorts the market in an investment.

For more information on Market Abuse, see the Financial Conduct Authority website.

Why Choose Irwin Mitchell?

We provide cost effective, tactical and realistic advice to anyone currently under prosecution, being investigated, or fearing investigation.

We act for a range of firms, directors and high level individuals in cases of market abuse and insider trading. If you are worried about investigation into market abuse, or need help dealing with one currently underway, you will receive advice from experts in this field.

We understand that your reputation and share price will be under threat, as well as having to deal with the stress of being under investigation. However, contacting our expert team can help you to avoid any hefty fines, excessive paperwork and even criminal prosecutions.

Our team also has access to expert forensic accountants, as well as investigator and technology experts to support you in any market abuse investigations. If your case goes to tribunal or Court, we can also instruct Counsel to assist you with the preparation of the case.

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If you're involved in an insider trading or market abuse investigation, our specialist lawyers can protect you and secure the best possible outcome. Give our friendly team a call on 0808 291 4962 or get in touch online.

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Numerous Individuals

Acting for numerous individuals prosecuted by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for insider dealing, money laundering, breach of the general prohibition and conspiracy to defraud.

Traders, brokers, and day traders

Acting for traders, brokers and day traders either under FCA criminal investigation for insider trading, or the regulatory offence of market abuse.

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Chambers & Partners, 2016
Legal 500 UK Leading Firm 2022

“Depth of experience. IM have worked on many of the major fraud, financial services, cartel and money laundering cases and done so to an exceptionally high standard.”

Legal 500, 2022

"Paul Haycock has vast experience of defending financial crime, fraud and regulatory investigations."

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