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Your employees are a vital part of your business and your relationship with them starts at the recruitment stage. Our employment lawyers provide expert advice on how to recruit strong candidates and avoid making discriminatory decisions.

Our solicitors can help prevent legal issues so you can concentrate on recruiting the best person for the job.

What Legal Issues Do Employers Face During Recruitment?

Common issues include:

  • Discriminatory job adverts – try to use words or phrases related to the role and not a candidate’s personality or background
  • Lengthy and complicated recruitment processes – try to keep the process as simple as possible for you and candidates
  • Not offering suitable benefits – salary isn’t everything and often progression opportunities or flexible working are more important to people
  • Asking personal questions for discriminatory reasons in an interview – for instance, asking a women if she has or intends to have children has nothing to do with her suitability for the role
  • Using unconscious bias to select candidates for interviews – often it’s helpful to anonymise the selection process to reduce this risk.

Many of these examples relate to equality and discrimination legislation. Read more about this on our Equality, Diversity & Discrimination page.

It can be difficult to identify these issues, especially where unconscious bias is involved. Our solicitors can help you minimise any potential risks in your process and help you attract suitable candidates.

How can Irwin Mitchell help?

Our recruitment lawyers are an experienced team who’ve helped many businesses improve their process and procedures. We can help you by:

  • Reviewing your recruitment process to identify any discrimination risks
  • Advising on how to adjust and improve your recruitment process
  • Introducing you to partner organisations who can offer employee benefits to help attract new candidates
  • Reducing the risk of candidates making discrimination claims as a result of the recruitment process
  • Training and guiding your managers to improve their interview skills
  • Advising on immigration laws if you’re recruiting candidates from abroad

We work with business owners, managers, recruiters and HR professionals across the UK. Contact our team today on 01142 781 629 or online if you need help or have any questions about recruitment in your business.

Why choose Irwin Mitchell?

We know how important it is to attract the right candidates to your business so we won’t give you a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead we focus on getting to know you and your business so we can identify specific risks and fix any existing problems in your recruitment process.

You’ll also benefit from the expertise of our wider employment team who can assist you in all areas of employment law including pensions, flexible working schemes and HR advice.

With teams based across the UK we can be there to support you no matter where you are. We’ve worked with many businesses helping them make their recruitment process fairer and legally compliant. By starting out on the right foot with potential candidates you’ll see a higher retention rate, avoid expensive recruitment mistakes and help create a positive work environment.

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