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We understand that, when it comes to selling your property, the whole process can be demanding and confusing. Whether you’re selling your property privately, or through an estate agent, you need to make sure you’re hiring the right solicitor who can make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

Our conveyancing solicitors have the expertise to guide you through the process at every step – and with our handy online Conveyancing Calculator, you can get a quote in minutes.

When you’re selling a property, there are a lot of legal boxes to tick and important decisions you need to make. You need to make sure that that all your legal obligations, especially concerning your mortgage, are met. Searches and buyer enquiries can reveal problems that need to be overcome before completion.

We know that you want to get your house sold quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on finding and moving into your new home. Our team of property experts are here to take away some of the stress and help deal with the legal issues that come with selling a property.

We’re one of the UK’s leading law firms for property and conveyancing and have helped many of our clients make successful property sales. It doesn’t just end there though, we’re a full service firm with teams covering every conceivable aspect of property law so if you need a hand with remortgaging, transferring equity or any other conveyancing issue, we can help with that too.

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Conveyancing Fees Calculator

Our handy online conveyancing calculator will give you an instant quote for our legal fees as well as an estimate of the other fees you'll need to pay. Just enter the value of the property you're selling to get started.

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Conveyancing Calculator

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Purchase – Additional Fees
Acting for lender fee

If you are purchasing the property with the benefit of a mortgage, your lender will usually require that we act for them as well as you. You will be responsible for our fee for acting for the lender in the sum of £150 plus VAT.

Arranging indemnity (per policy)

There are many reasons that an indemnity policy may be required. If following a review of the title and the search results it becomes apparent that an indemnity policy is required, we will charge of fee of £55 plus VAT per policy. This fee is in respect of our obtaining a quotation and draft policy and forwarding the same to you for review.

We would point out that although in some instances you may not feel a policy is necessary, where you are purchasing with the assistance of a mortgage, a policy may be required to protect our lenders interests. Please note the fee of £55 is for arranging the policy. The cost of the policy itself will be additional and depends on the type of policy required.

Complex chain surcharge

If you are part of a long chain, with more than two related transactions we will charge an additional fee of £75 plus VAT. This is in respect of the additional work associated in agreeing timescales for exchange and completion.

Dealing with third party solicitors

If there is a third party solicitor involved in the transaction whom we need to liaise with, we will charge a fee of £200 plus VAT. For example, if you are selling a jointly owned property and the joint owner instructs their own solicitor.

Expedited completion fee

We would recommend that there is at least a week between exchange and completion to enable you to make your arrangements and for us to carry out the final searches and, where necessary, draw down your mortgage advance. If there is less than a week between exchange and completion we will charge a fee of £150 plus VAT for prioritising your matter.

Leasehold fee

If the property you are purchasing is leasehold, we will charge a fee of £150 plus VAT in respect of the additional work involved including reviewing the freeholders’ title, obtaining evidence that the ground rent is paid to date and confirmation of their notice fees.

An additional fee of £150 plus VAT will be charged on top of the leasehold fee if the property is an apartment in respect of the additional correspondence we will need to review from the freeholder and/or management company (the total leasehold fee will be £300 plus VAT where property is an apartment).

Please note that there may also be notice fees and/or consent fees payable to the freeholder and/or management company on leasehold flats and houses. Notice fees and consent fees are charged at cost where applicable.

New Build

If you are purchasing a new build property we will charge an additional fee of £350 plus VAT. This fee may increase and will be reviewed upon receipt of the draft contract package from the seller’s solicitors. If we anticipate this fee will increase, we will contact you immediately upon receipt of the contract documentation with an estimate.


If there is a restriction registered against the property title, we will charge a fee of £50 plus VAT to deal with the compliance/removal of the same.

Restriction fee

If upon completion of your purchase a nonstandard restriction is required we will charge £150 plus VAT for completing the Land Registry form and submitting the same to the Land Registry. There are several instances when such a restriction may be required to protect a number of interests, for example, where you are acting as a Deputy of a Patient of the Court of Protection or where you wish to refer to a Declaration of Trust, setting out respective shares to be held in the property. You may also wish to impose restrictions against future transfers of the property.

Separate lender representation

If your lender insists on instructing their own Solicitor to represent them, we will charge an additional fee of £250 plus VAT. This is for the additional work involved in complying with the lender’s solicitors requirements.

Shared ownership

If the property you are purchasing is shared ownership, we will charge an additional fee of £350 plus VAT. This is for the additional work in reviewing the shared ownership lease, reviewing documentation from the management company/shared ownership solicitor and dealing with any additional requirements set out by your lender in your mortgage offer.

Third party gift

If any funding towards the transaction is being provided by a third party, such as a family member, we will charge a fee of £75 plus VAT. The fee is to cover the cost of our writing to the person providing the funding, checking their identity and their evidence of funds.

Unregistered title

In most cases the title to a property will be registered at the Land Registry. Registration of property had become compulsory following a disposition across all of England and Wales since 1990.

If the title to your property is unregistered we will charge an additional fee of £150 plus VAT. This is for the additional work involved in preparing the Epitome of Title to provide to the buyers solicitors with the draft contract.

Key undertaking

A key undertaking may be required if you agree with your buyers that they will be granted access the property between exchange and completion. The key undertaking will set out the basis of any agreement in this regard. We will charge a fee of £50 plus VAT to prepare or review a key undertaking.

Solar panel lease

If the property benefits from solar panels and there is a solar panel lease which needs to be transferred to the buyer we will charge a fee of £125 plus VAT to deal with the assignment of the lease and for entering into correspondence with the solar panel company.

Help to Buy ISA Deposit

If you are purchasing a property with the assistance of a Help to Buy Scheme we will charge a fee of £300 plus VAT for the extra work involved including reviewing and reporting on the scheme requirements and arranging for you to sign the necessary documentation. If your deposit is to be drawn down from a Help to Buy ISA scheme we will charge £50 plus VAT in connection with the extra work required to obtain the bonus payment.

If you have any questions, please contact us online or call us free on 0330 123 0068.

Acting for lender fee £150 plus VAT

Arranging indemnity (per policy)

£55 plus VAT
Complex chain surcharge £75 plus VAT
Dealing with third party solicitors £100 plus VAT
Expedited completion fee £150 plus VAT
Leasehold fee (house) £150 plus VAT
Leasehold fee (flat/apartment) £300 plus VAT
New build fee £350 plus VAT
Restrictions £50 plus VAT
Restriction fee £150 plus VAT
Separate lender representation £250 plus VAT
Shared ownership £350 plus VAT
Third party gift £75 plus VAT
Unregistered title £150 plus VAT
Key undertaking £50 plus VAT
Solar panel lease £125 plus VAT
Help to buy £300 plus VAT
Help to buy ISA £50 plus VAT
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If you are buying a property valued over £500,000, please get in touch with our Conveyancing team directly on 0114 2744551 for a personalised quote.

Selling A Property - More Information
    • What Is Conveyancing?
    • The term 'conveyancing' covers all the legal and administrative work needed when buying and selling property or transferring ownership of land and buildings from one person to another. For a standard transaction this might include:

      • Investigation of the title of the property
      • Document preparation
      • Writing and exchanging contracts
      • Payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax
      • Registration at the Land Registry

      There are many legal requirements which need to be met before a change in ownership of any property can take place. The process can be complicated and stressful but our team of specialist conveyancing solicitors will help make your transaction as smooth as possible.

      Read more in our Conveyancing Guide.

    • What Does Conveyancing Cost?
    • The cost of conveyancing for buying, selling, or remortgaging a property can include:

      • Conveyancer's fees plus VAT
      • Search expenses
      • Freeholder fees
      • Land Registry fees

      The exact fees you have to pay depend on the specifics of your transaction.

      Our Conveyancing Calculator will give you an instant conveyancing costs quote for properties worth up to £500,000. It will calculate our legal fees and estimate the Land Registry Fees and Search Fees for your transaction.

      Use our Conveyancing Fees Calculator today to work out how much your transaction will cost. For properties valued above £500,000, please call 0370 1500 100 or contact us online.

      You’ll also have to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) on certain property transactions. Learn more in our Stamp Duty Guide.

    • How Long Does Conveyancing Take?
    • Every transaction is different and each can take a different amount of time. The average time period is between 6-12 weeks depending on the speed of searches and mortgage offers, the other parties in the chain, the complexity of the transaction and more.

      We understand how important it is to resolve property matters quickly, especially when they concern your family home. Our expert property solicitors will always endeavour to complete your transaction as quickly as possible. With a full service available via post, phone and email, you can take care of everything when it's convenient for you.

      See our Conveyancing Guide to find out more about how long the conveyancing process takes.

    • Why Should I Choose Irwin Mitchell For My Conveyancing?
    • Irwin Mitchell is one of the leading national property firms and we are passionate about delivering excellent results for each and every client. Our property lawyers are highly experienced experts who will ensure you receive a prompt and reliable service.

      We will keep you up-to-date, in plain English, at each step of the sale or purchase. In the unfortunate event that a dispute arises, we are here to deal with it on your behalf, seeking a swift and favourable resolution.

      Our conveyancing service is competitively and simply priced with all costs laid out upfront so there are no nasty surprises later on. You can manage the entire process by post, phone or email but we also have conveyancing solicitors based in offices around the country for when the personal touch is needed.

      Call free us on 0330 123 0068 to find out more about how we can help you.

    • Meet The Team
    • Our Conveyancing and Property solicitors form one of the largest and most experienced teams in the country. Members of our team are regularly recognised as leading experts in their field by top legal directories Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners.

      Whenever you contact our team you can expect friendly, enthusiastic advice and support. We understand that buying or selling property can be a complicated and stressful process which is why we are dedicated to making your transaction as simple and stress-free as possible.

      Meet our team of expert conveyancing and property solicitors.

The Conveyancing team was absolutely brilliant: professional, knowledgeable, and courteous throughout. I can't fault the service I received."

Mrs M, Client
Mrs C

Frequently Asked Questions

What's The Legal Process For Selling A Property Pre-Exchange?

The pre-exchange process comprises three stages:

1) Initial instructions

This is where you get in contact with us and let us know that you’d like our help with selling your property. We will give you an initial quote and some paperwork to fill out with all the details relating to the property. Once you’ve sent them back we’ll send you our Terms of Business, acceptance paperwork and protocol forms, after these have been filled in you will have officially retained our services and we’ll confirm this with the buyer’s solicitor and the estate agent.

2) Issuing draft contracts

This is by far the longest stage in the process, and the most complex. It starts with us issuing draft contracts to the buyer’s solicitor, requesting the initial redemption figures (if you have a mortgage) and a leasehold information pack from the landlord/management company (if the property is leasehold).

Based on that information the buyer’s solicitors will issue enquiries, which we will either answer or forward to you or a relevant third party (the landlord, for example) for clarification. If there’s a mortgage we’ll send you the initial redemption figure for you to check and keep for your records.

If the property’s leasehold we’ll review the information pack to check that all service charges and ground rent are up to date and see if there’s any other parties we need to contact. We’ll let you know if there are any fees to pay and will send the information pack to the buyer’s solicitor for review. This process will repeat until all enquires have been answered satisfactorily and, once it has, we will send you documents including the contract and transfer document to sign ready for the final exchange.

3) Exchange of contracts

Once the buyer’s solicitor confirms that they’re ready to exchange and a completion date has been suggested we will refer back to you for your own confirmation. We’ll then contact the buyer’s solicitor and completion will take place, which we’ll confirm to you and the estate agent. We will confirm to you and the estate agent that completion has taken place.

Download our Home Seller's Guide to find out more about the process for selling a property.

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What's The Legal Process For Selling A Property Post-Exchange?

Post-exchange the process has another three steps:

1) Post-exchange

Immediately post-exchange we will request the final redemption statement from the mortgage lender, if you have one, dated for the day of completion. If the property is leasehold then we’ll send a completion statement to the buyer’s solicitor with the amount due to complete. This will include the ground rent and service charge apportioned to the day of completion.

We’ll then send you a completion statement that includes the balance you’ll receive on completion, the amount payable to your mortgage lender (if applicable), the estate agent’s fees and our fees.

2) Completion

On the day of completion itself we’ll receive the funds from the buyer’s solicitor. We’ll confirm that completion has taken place with you and will release the keys to the buyer via the estate agent. We will then redeem any mortgages on the property and send you the final balance.

3) Post-completion

Once you’ve received all the funds you’re owed, the keys have changed hand and your mortgage has been redeemed, we’ll forward all of the property deeds to the buyer’s solicitor.

Download our Home Seller's Guide to find out more about the process for selling a property.

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Will You Keep Me Updated About The Progress Of My Property Sale?

Of course. We fully understand how much clear communication and stress-free legal assistance mean to our clients. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way and will always be in touch right away to let you know of any developments.

It’s our job to try and make selling your property as simple as possible so whether you prefer to be contacted by phone, email or even by text message, we’ll do what’s best for you.

To get in touch with one of our conveyancing experts either give us a call on 0330 123 0068 or fill in our contact form and we will call you back.

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