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Posts from November 2019

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Irwin Mitchell

Property Ombudsman to introduce fair-usage fees

The Property Ombudsman has announced they will increase member fees from January 2020. The Property Ombudsman (TPO) is a not-for-profit...

Irwin Mitchell

The importance of will storage

Nowadays, with advances in technology, many things have been digitised, resulting in much less important paperwork. This is not however...

Irwin Mitchell

International dispute over $40m diamond inheritance rages on

A well-off Italian family face a legal battle over the beneficial owner of a $40 million pink diamond. In the 1960s, Renato Angiolillo...

Irwin Mitchell

Calls to extend outdated time limit for freezing eggs

A key issue that has been in the spotlight recently is the need for legislative change regarding the time limit in relation to women...