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Posts from July 2022

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Helen Mycroft

Lasting Power of Attorney’s and Investments – What’s changed in the guidance?

Following a change in the guidance and modernisation proposals we look at the issues around Lasting Power of Attorney’s (LPA) and...

Alex Ruffel

Register of Overseas Entities That Own UK Property – An Update

Following the enactment of the Economic Crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Act on 15 March 2022, Companies House has confirmed the...

Emily Wentworth

STEP’s campaign to protect digital memories

Birthdays, weddings, the birth of your children, the family moments and the funny pictures of the family pet, you’ve been there for all...

John Bunker

Trust Registration Service Update: Guidance on Trust Register For Partnerships - Land, Cars and Machinery

The Trust Register has caused a great headache for many advisers, especially with trusts of property.  A major update of the TRS Manual...

Hayley Trim

Personal Relationships: Playing Smart

We recently hosted a conference at Twickenham entitled “Beyond the Pitch”, focusing on athlete/player welfare. I had the pleasure of...

Jessica Fazzone

What to do if you are left cryptoassets in a Will?

In May, Irwin Mitchell hosted the 2022 First Law International Conference in Manchester. As part of the packed schedule of activities,...

Emma Hubbard

Family law: Summer Holidays and Passport Handovers

With the summer holidays fast approaching, many families have started their preparations for family holidays abroad. Whilst this should...

Emma McCann

Meeting the Needs of an Ageing Society and What This Means to You

Following the latest insight into seniors housing released last week by Irwin Mitchell & Knight Frank, it is alarming to think that...