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Posts from November 2022

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John Bunker

Stealth Taxes Announced In The Autumn Statement

The Autumn Statement – the Budget in all but name - was full of “stealth taxes” on individuals, raising extra tax by freezing allowances...

Sarah AlJourani

Divorce: Who Gets The Pets?

An estimated 59% of households in the United Kingdom currently own a pet. The pandemic significantly increased the number of pet owners...

Nicola Hawkins

Properties and Probate: What To Do During The Winter Months

With the winter period upon us and temperatures beginning to cool down, now is the time to consider what to do if you are dealing with an...

Emma Diack

The Archaic Laws for Cohabiting Couples Continue To Survive

The Government announced last week that the key recommendations made by the House of Commons Women and Equalities Select Committee in its...