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Posts from April 2022

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Faye Lawrence

The Law On UK Domicile And Its Effect On Personal Taxation – An Introduction (Or A Refresher)

By Joshua Fowler, Solicitor. There has been much reporting in recent weeks on the domicile position of members of parliament and their...

Faye Lawrence

No Fault Divorce And Mediation – A New Way Forward For Families

By Claire Filer, Partner and Mediator, Family Law. On 6 April 2022, family law in England and Wales significantly changed when no-fault...

Daniel Moreton

Crypto-assets: An Emerging Asset Forming Part Of Financial Settlements

Ownership of crypto assets, in particular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, has rocketed in the past few years. It is therefore...

Faye Lawrence

No Fault Divorce: The End Of The Blame Game And The End Of An Unnecessary Difference Of Treatment For Same-Sex Couples.

By Scott Halliday, Associate Solicitor, Family Law. The law on divorce and civil partnership dissolution has materially changed. As of 6...

Nicola Hawkins

Communication, capacity and estate planning

By Elizabeth Potter, trainee Solicitor and Nicola Hawkins, Solicitor, Tax, Trusts and Estates Team. Bruce Willis has millions of fans...

Faye Lawrence

‘Material Information’: A Potential Conveyancing Revolution

By Jeremy Raj, Head of Residential Property. “Sometimes new laws come in with a bang, in other cases they sit on the statute books until...