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Dental Negligence Claims

Most people will admit to finding visits to the dentist stressful, even when the majority of dental treatments go without a problem. However, dental negligence does sometimes occur and mistakes can happen.

Dental errors can lead to unnecessary pain and suffering. While most patients make full recoveries from mistakes made during dental treatment, some injuries can prove life-changing.

Whether you were treated privately or by the NHS, you may be able to make a No Win No Fee compensation claim for the injuries you suffered due to dental negligence.

Some of the more common injuries that can be caused by dental negligence include errors such as the wrong tooth being removed and anaesthetic not being given properly. More serious cases include errors with root canal treatment, long-lasting nerve injury, cosmetic dentistry problems and even issues that can lead to oral mouth cancer.

Our team includes a qualified dentist - specialising in dental negligence claims
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Sponsors of the Mouth Cancer Foundation Trust

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Dental Negligence Claims - More Info:
    • How Our Dental Negligence Solicitors Can Help You
    • Everyone has the right to a high standard of care, so we’re here to help if you feel you’ve received negligent treatment. Our specialist lawyers have the knowledge and experience to make a real difference and can help you secure the compensation you’re entitled to.

      We will make sure that any settlement takes into account your care needs, the pain and suffering you’ve experienced and any expenses you’ve incurred. Our Dental Negligence team provide guidance throughout the claim process and make sure that you always understand what’s happening.

    • Our Dental Negligence Experts
    • If you decide to pursue a claim with us, you’ll be represented by a highly rated team of professionals.

      Our solicitors have been praised by Chambers & Partners, the independent legal guide. Mandy Luckman has been described as “someone who pushes the boundaries” by market commentators. 

      Our experienced dental team also includes Shahin Master, who is qualified as both a solicitor and a dentist.

      Shahin has an impressive track record of using her experience in dentistry to secure funds for restorative and future treatments for clients.

      The team also works closely with the Mouth Cancer Foundation Trust. As significant sponsors of the organisation, we are also involved in the national “Bite Back At Mouth Cancer” campaign – which promotes a ‘do it yourself’ mouth cancer check.

      View our dental negligence claims team

    • What Is The Dental Negligence Claims Process?
    • When you get in touch about your claim, we’ll organise a free initial consultation with one of our experts. We’ll discuss your situation and talk about how your claim can be funded.

      We’ll then gather evidence for your dental negligence claim to make sure that your case has the best chance of success. We’ll present our findings to the opposition and try and secure a settlement for you that takes into account your care needs, the pain and suffering caused and any costs that you’ve incurred because of the negligence.

    • Dental Negligence Claims Time Limits
    • Normally, you would have three years to make a claim after you’ve linked dental negligence with your injury/illness. However, there are exceptions if you are under 18 or if you are claiming on behalf of a loved one who does not have the mental capacity to claim on their own.

      If you believe that your pain or injuries you have suffered is a direct result of negligence during any dental treatment, then we advise you to speak to a dental negligence solicitor as soon as possible.

    • No Win No Fee Dental Negligence Claims
    • If we believe your case would be best served under a No Win No Fee agreement, then you won’t have to pay any money upfront. In successful No Win No Fee claims, most of the fees are paid by your opponent. If your case is unsuccessful, you pay nothing and the legal fees are covered by an insurance policy.

They're a firm of the highest integrity that will work to provide an excellent, compassionate service from beginning to end.”

Vivian, Hinckley

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Dental Negligence?

Dental negligence refers to an injury you have suffered as the result of negligent dental treatment. In the most severe cases, negligent treatment can lead to things like mouth cancer or permanent nerve damage. We deal with many cases of dental negligence every year and have helped clients to…

...get back to a similar quality of life that they had prior to suffering injury. Your needs will be assessed during our initial free consultation, where we will discuss your current situation and the injuries you have suffered as a result of dental negligence.

In order to prove negligence, you must have suffered an injury or unnecessary damage as the result of dental treatment or surgery. For example, you can’t claim for compensation if someone acted negligently during your treatment, but no injury was suffered.

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What Constitutes Dental Negligence?

Dental negligence can have a number of repercussions; these include financial loss, physical pain and psychological trauma. Everyone has the right to a high standard of care so we’re here to help if you feel you’ve received negligent treatment. Some of the more common...

...cases of negligence include:
  • Delay or incorrect diagnosis – including oral cancer misdiagnosis
  • Nerve injury
  • Cosmetic dentistry problems
  • Restorative dentistry errors
  • Periodontal disease misdiagnosis
  • Incorrect tooth extraction

If you’ve experienced dental negligence, our solicitors could help you secure the compensation you’re entitled to. With offices up and down the country, we can help wherever you are.

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What Can Dental Negligence Compensation Pay For?

Claiming compensation can help get your life back on track to a similar situation you were in before you suffered from dental negligence. It is not so you can benefit financially. While you can claim compensation for the pain and suffering you have lived with, you can also claim for…

...any earnings you may have missed out on due to not being able to work. Compensation can also pay for any cosmetic dentistry you need, as well as the trips to and from hospital or other medical centres you had to attend after the injuries you suffered.

We may also be able to arrange interim payments for you while your claim is ongoing should you need to pay for medical appointments and other expenses. If you have faced a more serious case of negligence, such as oral cancer misdiagnosis, then compensation payments can pay for any further treatments or significant surgery that you require.

We advise you to speak to one of our expert dental negligence solicitors if you have any questions about what compensation can pay for. Call us today on 0800 121 6567.

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"Bite Back at Mouth Cancer" - lending our support to the Mouth Cancer Foundation Trust.

As proud sponsors of the Mouth Cancer Foundation Trust, we are happy to help promote their "Bite Back at Mouth Cancer" campaign and the 'do it yourself' mouth cancer check that could save your life.

The foundation aims to raise awareness of the early signs of mouth cancer by encouraging people to check for symptoms themselves at home.

For more details and information on how to spot the early signs of mouth cancer, visit the Mouth Cancer Foundation Trust website

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