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Posts from December 2019

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Irwin Mitchell

Rock legend disinherits wife

The recent death of The Cars legend Ric Ocasek in September this year was a shock to all rock music fans but it seems that the greatest...

Irwin Mitchell

Changes in capital gains tax on private residences

Sweeping changes are coming to the reporting and payment of capital gains tax on the sale of private residences; accountants, tax...

Irwin Mitchell

Unwanted war baby challenges late father's will

An “unwanted war baby” has sought to challenge his late father’s will after it failed to make any provision for him. Colin Johnston was...

Irwin Mitchell

A broken promise or a broken relationship?

Lucy Blyth has failed in making a claim against the estate of tycoon Charles Caudle amounting to £8.6 million. They pair met in a...

Irwin Mitchell

'Divorce tourism': there is a limit

It is sometimes possible for the English Family Court to make a financial order where the divorce has taken place in another country, and...