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Posts from November 2023

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Tara Smith

Resolution’s Call for Change and Reform in the Family Court System

Resolution – First for Family Law, have now released their ‘Vision for Family Justice’ within which they set out their position in...

Sarah AlJourani

Sharia Series; talaq, talaq, talaq – a triple threat? A look at the validation of Islamic divorce.

Earlier in this Sharia Series, I explored Islamic marriage, the process and the recognition, highlighting the key requirements for an...

Nicola Hawkins

Should I Gift My Home To My Children To Avoid Inheritance Tax?

A surprisingly frequent question we hear from clients is: “Can’t I just give my home to my children now to avoid paying inheritance tax...

Rebecca Openshaw

‘Mandatory’ family mediation and the wider impact on domestic abuse victims

What are the proposed reforms? Currently, mediation is a valuable tool that parties in dispute are encouraged to use, where appropriate,...

Richard Potts

Trustee Week - Investing For Charities

Charities are unique in many ways, and identifying and implementing specific investment solutions is a prime example. Whether it is...

Victoria Gammon

Talk Money Week – The Importance of Budgeting

Creating a personal financial budget is key to helping you feel in control, achieve your goals, and have a financially secure future. A...

Elizabeth Gibbison

Why Are Younger Generations Taking Succession Planning Seriously?

There is magic in having a proper succession plan in place and disaster can unfold in the absence of it.  There has been an increase in...

Ed Tomlinson

Talk Money Week – The Importance of ISA’s

In early April 1999, the then Labour chancellor, Gordon Brown introduced individual savings accounts (ISAs), which were designed to...

Matthew Briggs

Charity Trustees And Inspiring The Next Generation

It’s no great mystery that young people have had it tough for the past few years. Whether that is through the disruption of their...

Stephanie Kerr

Inheritance Act Claims: Considerations for Charity Trustees

Charity trustees give a great deal of time, commitment and effort making decisions to help good causes to thrive. However, sometimes the...

Matthew Briggs

The Role And Responsibilities Of A Charity Trustee

Whether you’re an experienced trustee or new to the role, you want to be sure you are supporting the longevity and prosperity of the...