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Group Claims

If you’re considering a personal injury or medical negligence claim and other people have been affected by the same issue, you may be able to join a group claim to make the process quicker and easier.

In cases where a group of people have been injured or taken ill, our personal injury lawyers can help you join a group that combines multiple compensation claims to save time and reduce legal costs. Working together could also give your claim a better chance of success if you are claiming against a large organisation.

You may be able to join a group claim if you have been affected by:

As one of the largest personal injury law firms in the country, we have the expertise and resources to manage group claims of all sizes and covering a wide range of issues. Our solicitors have successfully secured compensation in some of the most high profile group claims cases in recent years.

With 15 offices nationwide, we can help you wherever you are based and give your claim the strongest support possible. We will handle every aspect of your case and keep you updated in plain English from start to finish, so you can focus on recovery.

You are still eligible for a No Win No Fee agreement if you join a group claim, so there is no financial risk to you*.

Our Group Claims

We have decades of experience of handling high-profile group claims ranging from transport disasters to food poisoning outbreaks. Our previous and ongoing group claims include:

If you’ve been injured and think that you might be able to join a group claim, call us today on 0800 056 4110 for a free initial consultation about your case, or contact us online and we'll get back to you.

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Group Claims - More Information
    • Can I Make a No Win No Fee* Group Claim?
    • We accept group claims funded by No Win No Fee agreements just like any other personal injury case. Often known as conditional fee agreements (CFA), this type of funding allows you to make a personal injury claim without having to worry about legal costs while your claim is ongoing. You also won’t need to pay anything if you lose meaning that there is no financial risk to you*.

      There are also a number of ways in which you could fund your case instead of No Win No Fee agreements. These include:

      • Legal expenses insurance – it’s worth checking your household or car insurance policy documents as you may have legal expenses cover to help with any legal costs.
      • Trade union – if you are a member of a trade union, they may provide assistance for some legal issues.
      • Legal aid – this is now only available in cases for children with brain (neurological) injuries resulting in severe disability, which arise during pregnancy, childbirth or up to eight weeks after the birth.

      We’ll always talk you through your options and help you decide on which funding method is best suited to you.

      Learn more about No Win No Fee* claims.

    • How Long Do Group Claims Take?
    • This depends on several factors including the size of the group, the complexity of the individual claims and the number of different organisations that the group claims against. Whether or not they admit liability can also affect the timescale.

      Each case is different and it can take several years for a group claim to be resolved but joining a group claim lead by one of our lawyers will often be quicker than making a separate individual claim.

      If you choose us for your group claim, we’ll give you an estimate for how long the process will take and keep you updated at every step along the way. Call us free on 0800 056 4110 to find out more.

    • How Much Compensation Will I Receive?
    • The amount of compensation you can claim depends on the kind of injuries you’ve suffered and how they’ve affected you.

      The more serious and far-reaching your injuries, the more compensation you will need to pay for things like adaptations to your home, medical bills and loss of earnings.

      Broadly speaking, personal injury compensation is broken down into two parts: general damages and special damages.

      General Damages

      This is money that you receive for what the law calls “pain, suffering and loss of amenity.” This amount is calculated using recognised guidelines and by looking at what others have received in similar cases.

      Special Damages

      This includes compensation for your lost earnings and any wages you might lose out on in the future (if you can’t return to work or work in the same position). This type of damages is designed to repay any expenses you’ve incurred such as transport costs to hospital and any equipment you’ve had to purchase to make life easier.

    • What Can Compensation Pay For?
    • Every personal injury case is different, so there’s no set amount of compensation you’ll receive. The amount of compensation you’ll get will depend on your circumstances, the severity of your injuries and the long term impact.

      To work out how much compensation you’re entitled to, we’ll take into account factors such as:

      • Expenses – including travel expenses to medical appointments, medical equipment and things that help with practical day-to-day living.
      • Loss of earnings – to cover any time you’ve had off work and time off you may need in the future. This figure can also cover matters such as not returning to the same role or not being able to return to work.
      • Pain and suffering – caused by your injury or illness.
      • Rehabilitation – to help provide the necessary rehabilitation for your recovery and well-being.
      • Adaptations – we can help you adapt your home and vehicle after an injury to help with living independently.
      • Care – to provide for any care and support you may need.

      If you’d like to make a compensation claim, contact us to set up a free initial consultation on 0800 056 4110.

    • Who Can Make A Group Claim?
    • If you’ve suffered an injury that was someone else’s fault, you could be entitled to make a personal injury or medical negligence compensation claim. When multiple people are making similar claims, they may be able to organise their claims together under a group claim to save time and resources.

      You may also be able to join an existing group claim – please see How Do Group Claims Work? below for more information.

      You are also able to join a group claim on behalf of someone else, including:

      • On behalf of a child who was involved in an accident before their 18th birthday
      • For someone who doesn’t have mental capacity to handle their own case
      • On behalf of a loved one who has unfortunately passed away

      To find out more about making a personal injury claim, contact us free on 0800 056 4110.

The compensation is far more than I ever expected, and I am naturally delighted with this outcome - I am quite sure I could never have achieved this on my own."

Joan, Client

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Group Litigation Order?

A Group Litigation Order (GLO) allows related compensation claims to be managed together in court. A GLO is not essential for a group claim to proceed but can help speed the process up.

A representative of the group must apply for the court to make a GLO. If the court decides that a GLO is suitable, it will set up a register for all the claims within the group, and decide a cut-off date for additional claims to join the group. It will also nominate a lead solicitor to represent the group.

Although the court is involved from the start, group claims with a GLO don’t always actually go to court themselves - it is sometimes possible to agree a compensation settlement out-of-court instead. Nonetheless, having a GLO will save time if the claim does need to be decided in court.

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How Do Group Claims Work?

We’ll ask you for some details about your compensation claim and check if it meets the criteria for joining a group. This may involve consulting a relevant expert or a specialist barrister.

If the group claim has a Group Litigation Order (GLO) and your claim meets the criteria…

…we’ll apply for your claim to join the group. The GLO will specify what information we have to provide and will usually give a court-appointed cut-off date for applications.

If the group claim goes to court, the court may select a number of ‘test cases’ that it will use to assess common issues between all claims in the group. This saves time instead of hearing each claim individually.

You will only have to give evidence in court if your claim is selected as a test case.

If you think you might be able to join a group claim or would like to know more about the process, please contact us online for more information.

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How Can I Find Out About Group Claims?

There is a list of current Group Litigation Orders on the website. GLOs are also advertised when they are issued by the courts – information can usually be found in national newspapers and sometimes social media as well.

You can also check our website to see the group claims that our lawyers are currently involved with or get in touch to find out if there is a group suitable for your compensation claim.

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