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Meeting ESG responsibilities to protect people, communities, and planet without compromising your ambition as a business can be a challenge. We’re passionate about Responsible Business ourselves, so we know what it takes to understand and prioritise what is important and manage the impact we have on the world around us.

Our teams are individually and collectively committed to sustainable growth of our business, and we constantly measure our progress against our goals as we move forward to becoming more responsible.

We look to bring that experience and learning to you, our clients through our knowledge, our partners, tools, audits, advice, thought leadership and inspiration we have found useful on our journey so far.

We care about your future as much as our own, so we align our legal expertise with the ins and outs of your industry regulations to help you be confident in taking the responsible, sustainable path.

This means you can rest assured that we’ll keep you abreast of all relevant changes and guide you through them to protect growth, attract talent and retain customer loyalty.

Download our Responsible Business Report 2023 here

The Expert Hand

At Irwin Mitchell, we pride ourselves on combining exceptional legal expertise with the understanding of businesses and the sectors in which they operate. This is never more evident that when we work with our clients as they look to build sustainability into their businesses. We bring together experts from over 80 different areas of legal and support services to help achieve your ESG goals.

Ongoing Investment in ESG

“Originating from the financial sector, ESG reporting has predominantly focused on evaluating how climate and other ESG risks affect a company’s ability to create economic value into the future. However, an ESG approach which is integrated into core business strategy, and ESG reporting which is used to drive increased value creation for business and society more widely, is an enabler of a transition to a more sustainable future.

Irwin Mitchell have recognised that their true potential for positive impact at scale is through advising and working with their clients to help them improve their response to ESG challenges and opportunities. We are delighted to have been appointed to design and deliver a series of training sessions to help equip senior Irwin Mitchell [colleagues/lawyers/representatives] to do this with knowledge and confidence.”

Dr Rosina Watson

Associate Professor of Sustainability | Cranfield School of Management

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Contact Details

For all ESG enquiries, please contact Hannah Clipston, Director of Strategic Growth (Corporates & Institutions), by phone or email.

+44 (0)238 083 1233