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Our expert defamation solicitors advise individuals, companies and organisations in relation to privacy issues and defamation disputes.

The internet has had a big impact on people’s reputations and private lives. Social media has led to a surge in the number of defamation and privacy cases relating to content published online, which can be shared and seen by many very quickly.

Any individual, company, partnership, and some other organisations may bring proceedings and seek damages from those responsible. False statements made about business leaders can also create a significant reputational risk for their organisations and could affect future career prospects.

We are experienced in areas such as:


Our specialist team offers a commercial approach and will work tirelessly to protect your interests, whether they are personal or professional. 

We work quickly to limit the level of damage caused through injunctive relief. We can seek an apology, retraction, damages, and appropriate undertakings to ensure that no further content is published and in certain circumstances, we can also acquire the legal costs incurred in pursuing such action from the accused. In cases with an online aspect, we also deal with the hosting website and/or Internet service provider to seek their assistance with the dispute. 

Issuing legal proceedings is not always necessary and we can work with parties to try and reach an early settlement or agreement. 

Our expert team will work closely with you to help clear your name and relieve unnecessary distress. We understand that costs may be a worry, but we will help you plan a financial budget and anticipate any costs associated with loss of earnings and missed business opportunities.


  • Advised clients (including high profile and net worth individuals and businesses) and successfully resolved disputes without the need for legal proceedings (such as seeking an apology retraction, damages and appropriate undertakings to ensure that no further content is published online or otherwise).
  • Liaised (sometimes urgently) with website hosts/internet service providers seeking to remove offending content and now in accordance with the new regime under the Defamation Act 2013, which came into force on 1 January 2014. 
  • Represented an ex MP in a libel claim against his successor in the High Court and subsequently in the Court of Appeal. 
  • Acting for individuals in respect of harassment (which often overlaps with defamation and privacy type claims).
  • Represented victims of phone hacking (including some high profile individuals) by News of the World.

Defamation, Harassment & Privacy

  • Defamation
    Our expert defamation solicitors help people every year to defend claims of defamation against them.
  • Harassment
    We help people every year with cases such as and successfully gain justice for both employees and employers in cases of harassment.
  • Privacy
    We help businesses and individuals to seek payment for any damage to their reputation caused by an invasion of privacy.

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