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Posts from August 2018

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Irwin Mitchell

Banfield v Campbell: disabled cohabitee awarded life interest

Another interesting decision in relation to a claim under the Inheritance Act 1975, this time by Master Teverson in the case of Banfield...

Irwin Mitchell

Modern families, medicine and the law: IVF and conception post-death

Advances in medical treatment and modern family life have both lead to the courts in England and Wales and overseas, grappling with new...

Irwin Mitchell

Familiarity is good for your mental health

Two interesting dementia-related stories being reported on the BBC this week.  Firstly, the email read out by Jonathan Agnew about the...

Irwin Mitchell

Cohabitees at war: woman gets to keep what is already hers

Despite the headlines in the mainstream media that Ms Ladwa, 43 has 'won' half of the £1.7 million home she shared with her partner of 16...

Irwin Mitchell

Has an English court really recognised Sharia Law?

This week saw the 'landmark' divorce ruling by the English High Court that 'recognised Sharia law'. But what does the decision really...