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Real Estate

Whether you are in the business of designing and building new developments, managing properties or have a number of retail stores or offices, your real estate portfolio is often one of the key influences on your impact from an ESG point of view. There are an increasing number of regulations that affect different types of properties and environments and in managing them correctly, you can positively influence your carbon footprint and the impact you have on your environment and the community in which you operate.

Our extensive real estate team can advise you on how to comply with the different regulations and put in place measures to help achieve your goals. Maybe you are looking to put in place green leases, need advice on waste regimes, manage environmental permitting or are looking to implement new alternate energy programmes, our specialists can advise you on the best route for your business.

We can also assist in some of the more broad aspects of managing different properties including specific considerations for care facilities, flexible working, tax considerations and restructuring for financial sustainability, so whatever your current property needs our team can assist on your responsible business journey.

How Can We Help?

Unlocking Potential For Senior Living Development

Working with Knight Frank, the international estate agents and property consultancy, we've expanded on our Elderly Care Crisis research. This new report looks at local planning laws around the UK and highlights the best opportunities for senior living development. Find out which local councils are well-prepared for an ageing population and where planning laws are holding back growth.

Unlocking Potential for Senior Living

The Future Of Estates

Are you aware of Natural Capital schemes? In our latest report, our experts, Sam Knight and Claire Patricia Riding, explain how carbon credits, nutrient mitigation and biodiversity net gain can be successful revenue streams for Landed Estate owners.


Landlink Estates

We act for Landlink in relation to its Saltbox business park, an industrial, retail and logistics development in Bognor Regis. The development falls within the 70 hectare enterprise development as brings forward state of the distribution facilities, commercial and retail units utilising renewable and alternative energy sources as part of the scheme.

Read about our work with Landlink

Contact Details

For all ESG enquiries, please contact one of our partners. Our experts in this area are Claire Petricca-Riding, Nicola Gooch, Stelios Coutsavlis and Michelle Beaumont.

0161 259 1667 (Claire) or 0129 374 2868 (Nicola) or 0161 259 0834 (Stelios) or 0113 220 6228 (Michelle).