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Posts from October 2019

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Irwin Mitchell

Child Benefit: frustrations for taxpayers

When I was a child the payment of the old "Family Allowance" was a relatively straightforward process. Every week my mother, along with...

Irwin Mitchell

Franco's legacy creates a dispute about his body

The Spanish Dictator, Francisco Franco’s, remains have been removed 44 years after his funeral, as the Spanish government won their...

Irwin Mitchell

Are funeral planners the new wedding planners?

Funerals are traditionally seen as a day of sorrow; guests wear black, mourners weep and it’s a time to say goodbye. More recently, this...

Irwin Mitchell

Dismissal of Pakistan's claim to £35m

The High Court has ruled that £35 million held in a UK bank account should be inherited by the descendants of the Indian royal who...

Irwin Mitchell

Post-death property transaction leads to Court of Appeal dispute over a banker's estate

The Court of Appeal has this week reserved their judgment after hearing both sides in a protracted dispute between the daughter of a...

Irwin Mitchell

Regulation of property agents - what will it look like?

I was fortunate enough last week to attend the Law Society Property Section Conference and to catch the presentation by Lord Best. Lord...

Irwin Mitchell

Three brothers written out of mother's will not entitled to anything, court rules

When the late Anna Rea died aged 86 in July 2016, her estate passed in accordance with the will prepared the year before, which left her...

Irwin Mitchell

Earlier planning required to reduce IHT

A recent report by Equiniti Benefactor, the estate administration arm of Equiniti, has found that the average amount of cash left in an...

Irwin Mitchell

A quarter of retirees shun family in will

A recent survey by financial service provider, Responsible Life, found that more than 28% of retirees plan to leave their assets to...

Irwin Mitchell

Email Signature Blocks – can they legally bind contracts?

Manchester County Court has ruled that an email signature block can be used to form a legally binding contract, despite Section 2 (1) of...