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Irwin Mitchell

Arrangements for children and Barder events

My colleague Deborah Levy comments on the case of Nasim v Nasim and the grant of permission to appeal on the basis of a change in...

Irwin Mitchell

International tax avoidance

The world for large corporates has just got a lot riskier. That risk is as much about reputation as tax

Irwin Mitchell

Make a will, urges Baroness Finlay

Speaking on the Today programme on Radio 4 this morning, Baroness Finlay said everyone should make a will. Her private member's bill...

Irwin Mitchell

Why so many Danish women are opting to become single mothers

Fascinating article on the rise of the 'solomor': elective single mothers using donor sperm to conceive. Denmark has the highest number...

Irwin Mitchell

Autism and Child Arrangement Disputes

Extremely informative article by Louise Desrosiers about the issues to be considered in child arrangement disputes involving children on...

Irwin Mitchell

What will yoga teach you about divorce?

I was instantly drawn to this blog post as a both a family solicitor and a trainee yoga teacher. There are some insightful points within...

Irwin Mitchell

Guidelines for Helping Your Business Survive a Divorce

This is an interesting article in Entrepreneur which is US based but the tips here ring true for companies based in England and Wales as...

Irwin Mitchell

Debate: proposed fee increases for divorce proceedings

Here is a recent debate on the proposed court fee rises in divorce proceedings that I took part in with Karen Dovaston. While I would...

Irwin Mitchell

Privacy in family Law cases vs. freedom of expression

The law governing reporting restrictions in family hearings is fairly uncertain with differences of opinion among even the Judges of...