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Posts from May 2022

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Suzi Denton

Cohabiting Rights And The Common Law Myth

According to the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Rights of Cohabiting Partners, there are over 3.4m unmarried couples living together in...

Scott Halliday

Divorce And Pensions – What You Really Need To Know

Research recently undertaken by Aviva suggests that one in six divorced people didn’t realise their pension could be impacted by...

Irwin Mitchell

When Markets are Falling, It’s Important to Keep Perspective

It’s not been a great year for investments so far.  What started with a correction in the US tech sector has spread quickly to rest of...

Michelle Chapman

TikTok Will Dispute

A viral TikTok video has recently been circulating the internet regarding a family argument over a grandson being left the majority of...

Christine Thornley

Dementia Action Week: Dementia And The Video Witnessing Of Wills

Prior to the pandemic, the rules surrounding the witnessing of Wills hadn't changed since the Wills Act 1837. Two witnesses were required...

Emma McCann

Does A Diagnosis Of Dementia Shut The Door To Legal Services?

Absolutely not. This Dementia Action Week, we look to dispel the myths surrounding dementia and what it means when arranging your own...

Hannah Braisted

Widower fights for the right to use embryos created with his wife

Ted Jennings from London is fighting for the right to use the last remaining frozen embryo created by himself and his deceased wife, to...

Suzi Denton

Couple Deemed Legal Parents Of Adult Son Under English Law, Following Surrogacy In The US.

Ground-Breaking Victory In The Family Courts For People With Surrogate Children. By Grace Mullis, Family Law solicitor at Irwin Mitchell...

Nicola Hawkins

I Have Been Appointed As An Executor – What Expenses Can I Claim?

By Laura Williams, Paralegal and Elizabeth Potter, Trainee Solicitor. If you have been appointed as an Executor (or Administrator of an...