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Posts from October 2016

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Nicola Gooch

Response to CIL Review to be in DCLG Planning White Paper

After months of waiting, it looks as if we finally have an indication as to when we will get to see the outcome of the CIL Review that...

Irwin Mitchell

Chai-rise living? have picked up on research from CBRE considering which commercial premises are most popular in residential areas. This is...

Nicola Gooch

Are PD rights to demolish offices and rebuild as residential finally coming off the back burner?

Waiting on decisions from central government can, on occasion, feel a lot like watching the proverbial pot that never boils.  The most...

Nicola Gooch

Is that a newt in your pocket?

For a highly protected species Great Crested Newts have made quite a habit of popping up in inconvenient places. As most in the industry...

Nicola Gooch

When secondary legislation drives you to rant in the media... CIL article in Estates Gazette

Below is a link to an article of mine that was published in Estates Gazette over the weekend.  The article is entitled "10 things I hate...

Nicola Gooch

Communities Secretary: Housing is Number One Priority

It appears, from today's coverage in Planning Resource , that Sajid Javid's speech at the conservative party conference was very...

Irwin Mitchell

Details emerge about £5bn new housing funding

Conservative ministers are going to announce at Conference that two new housing finance pots will be launched. The first (£3bn) is...