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Posts from April 2016

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Irwin Mitchell

Five points for Investment Managers and Corporate Property Advisers from the EMI Case

It is not often in property law that we are told that things are “void” without there being either some element of moral or financial...

Nicola Gooch

House of Lords make yet more amendments to Housing and Planning Bill

Whilst the Housing and Planning Bill made it through the House of Commons almost unscathed, its time in the House of Lords has been...

Nicola Gooch

Cheshire East seeks Supreme Court review of 'Policies for the Supply of Housing' Judgment

Cheshire East Council is seeking permission from the Supreme Court to appeal the Court of Appeal's Judgment in Suffolk Coastal District...

Nicola Gooch

House of Lords amend key starter homes provisions in Housing & Planning Bill

Yesterday was not a good day for the Department of Communities and Local Government, as they suffered two key defeats over the Housing...

Irwin Mitchell

Charities and Social Investment

At last, charities have had their powers extended to clarify what was an ambiguous area, allowing them, subject to safeguards, to make...

Nicola Gooch

Railway Stations to become new hubs for housing led regeneration

On Sunday, DCLG announced a new initiative to redevelop land surrounding railway stations to provide up to 10,000 new homes, as well as...

Nicola Gooch

The 21 Authorities most at risk of local plan intervention

Planning Magazine has listed the 21 local authorities most at risk of intervention in the local plan process, if the Housing and Planning...

Nicola Gooch

Specific Appeal Rights for unviable Affordable Housing to end on 30 April

DCLG has recently decided that the specific rights to appeal affordable housing requirements on stalled sites will come to an end on 30...

Irwin Mitchell

Academies "Land Grab"

Many people will be aware of the Government's plans for all UK schools to become academies, but where does this leave the ownership of...

Irwin Mitchell

Land Registry facing privatisation

The Government has issued a consultation paper for the privatisation of the Land Registry.  This forms part of its wider aim of £5...