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Posts from December 2021

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Joanne Moseley

Employee unfairly dismissed for raising safety concerns on the day of the first lockdown

In Preen v Coolink v Mullins, the tribunal had to decide if an employee had been automatically unfairly dismissed for raising safety...

Joanne Moseley

Employment law changes 2022 - guide for businesses

Happy new year to all our readers. There’s very little new legislation on the statute book and, on the face of it, 2022 looks to be a...

Joanne Moseley

Update: new COVID-19 self-isolation rules

The self-isolation advice for people with COVID-19 has changed. It is now possible to end self-isolation after seven days if the...

Nicola Gooch

'Twas the week before Christmas.... a festive planning round up

'Twas the week before Christmas, and I don't mean to grouse but nothing was quiet, not even the mouse*; New PD rights were confirmed by...

Vanessa Horn

A question of national security for Real Estate

The National Security and Investment Act 2021 (NSIA 2021) comes into effect on 4 January 2022. A new statutory regime Once in force, the...

Joanne Moseley

Statutory sick pay - new rules in force today

The government has introduced The Statutory Sick Pay (Medical Evidence) Regulations 2021 which come into force today (Friday 17 December...

Nicola Gooch

We need to talk about Local Government: the levelling-up agenda, and the planning system, depends on it

On Tuesday, Samuel Stafford - creator of the much loved 50 Shades of Planning blog and podcast - wrote a post that encapsulated all that...

Joanne Moseley

Omicron: new testing and self-isolation rules

A couple of weeks ago, the government introduced new legal rules which meant that anyone who had come into close contact with someone who...

Joanne Moseley

Omicron: new advice on working from home

The government has now adopted Plan B in full and from today (Monday 13 December) has asked everyone who can work from home to do so to...

Nicola Gooch

Will the Force be with First Homes?

It is now December 2021.  For good or for ill, we are now only days away from the end of the transitional arrangements for First Homes,...

Charlotte Hargreaves

A victory but at what cost? The Duchess of Sussex v Associated Newspapers Ltd

Emma Yates, IP and Reputation Management litigator, takes a look at the Court of Appeal judgment handed down on Thursday and what will...

Nicola Gooch

"Every decision about care is also a decision about housing": What the Social Care White Paper means for Retirement Housing

Yesterday, the Government finally released the long awaited Social Care White Paper, under the snappy title "People at the Heart of Care:...