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Posts from November 2017

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Nicola Gooch

The New London Plan: Higher Densities; A Focus on Small Sites and a Huge Hike in Affordable Housing Targets

This year, December 1st has added significance.  Not only is it the first day of advent and the first socially-acceptable day to put up a...

Joanne Moseley

Breaking news: Gig economy workers may be able to claim holiday pay going back years

The European Court of Justice has today handed down a judgment on holiday pay in the case of King v Sash Windows that will have huge...

Joanne Moseley

Budget: National Living Wage to increase by 33 pence per hour

Buried under the headlines of the Budget, the Government has announced that the National Living Wage will increase from £7.50 to £7.83...

Nicola Gooch

Budget 2017: Disappointing CIL Reforms & Other 'News'

It is probably a good thing that I have not been waiting on today's CIL announcement with bated breath.  For one thing, the Government's...

Nicola Gooch

Tough talk from Ministers over the weekend, but will this be a 'House-Building' Budget?

I fully intend to make up for my spectacularly failure to write a piece last week*, by boring you all with at least two budget related...

Nicola Gooch

Concreting over the Countryside - an English 'Urban' Myth

Earlier this week, the BBC Website published a really interesting research tool, which allows you to look up the percentage of land in a...

Joanne Moseley

Sexual harassment in the workplace: Rehabilitating the perpetrator

I woke up this morning to news that Kelvin Hopkins, Labour MP for Luton North has had the parliamentary whip suspended following...

Irwin Mitchell

Got something to say about Commercial Service Charges?

Residential service charges are subject to statutory control. In the commercial world, however, many a tenant has been mauled by what...