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Posts from August 2016

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Nicola Gooch

Protecting Pubs: Does removing PD Rights really protect pubs from closure?

Protecting pubs seems to be a matter of growing concern for London planning authorities and local communities.   Applications to register...

Nicola Gooch

Consensus grows on the need for more specialist housing

Two independent reports have been published in the last four weeks that highlight the UK's increasing shortage of retirement housing.  In...

Irwin Mitchell

IPD seismometer registers stirrings? Capital values down 2.8%

No sooner had I posted my last comment, wondering whether the Capital Economics report on rental values might need some element of...

Irwin Mitchell

UK rental values on "relatively sound foundations" - or built on sand?

Capital Economics, says that the UK commercial property rental market is on relatively strong foundations. However, it does point out...

Nicola Gooch

The Housing Crisis is a National Issue: levels of home ownership fall across the UK

Hidden amongst all of the political turmoil of the last few months remains one constant: We do not have enough homes in the UK.  This...

Irwin Mitchell

Standardised toolkit helps London businesses get faster access to broadband

Getting your first business location or moving an established business is difficult. First, finding and getting the space. Then fit out....