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Posts from February 2017

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Irwin Mitchell

"When constabulary duty's to be done, to be done, a Landlord's lot is not an 'appy one, 'appy one"

If you ever read the books about "The Scarecrow" by Russell Thorndyke, tales of smugglers on Romney Marsh, led by the local Parson, and...

Nicola Gooch

Aarhus Cost Protection Limits for Judicial Reviews no Longer Set in Stone

Today, the 88th Amendment to the Civil Procedure Rules comes into effect. You might think that this is a slightly odd topic for a...

Nicola Gooch

Inspector tells Mid Sussex Council to plan for more homes

Mid Sussex Council submitted its new District Plan to the Planning Inspectorate for examination in August 2016.  Earlier this week, the...

Nicola Gooch

Streamlining Newts - or at least their licensing arrangements

Hidden away in the detail of the Housing White Paper was an announcement about Great Crested Newts. Namely, that following a successful...

Nicola Gooch

The Housing White Paper: Very Heavily Abridged

The Housing White Paper was finally unveiled, in the House of Commons, on Tuesday lunchtime and has dominated the news for most of the...

Nicola Gooch

Suffering Housing White Paper Overload? Let's talk CIL Reform instead

On a day where parliament is discussing BREXIT and appropriate measures for protecting the public from seagulls (and most planning...

Irwin Mitchell protection for Woodlands (pardon the pun)

The Telegraph has published a very interesting article on the much anticipated Housing White Paper (due tomorrow) and Government plans to...

Nicola Gooch

Is the Government about to get on board with the Retirement Housing agenda?

Gavin Barwell spent much of the weekend on  television discussing the Housing White Paper, which is now expected on Tuesday this week....

Irwin Mitchell

SDLT surcharge on second homes nets additional £1.19bn

The Times has reported (behind a paywall) that the additional 3% SDLT surcharge on residential properties brought by someone who already...