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Posts from May 2018

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Nicola Gooch

Sharknado: Could the 'Oxford Shark' be Britain's strangest heritage asset?

Most planners who are even vaguely familiar with Oxford City Council have heard of the Shark - a 25 ft fibreglass statue, which protrudes...

Irwin Mitchell

Health Secretary determined to tackle gender pay gap in medicine

In a modern NHS, is it acceptable that male doctors are paid more than £10,000 above the earnings of their female counterparts?...

Nicola Gooch

A New Approach to Affordability? Responses to Draft NPPF Suggest it may spell the end for Social Rented Housing

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government are not the only ones pouring over the responses to the draft NPPF, which was...

Irwin Mitchell

Has Uber scored an own goal?

Uber has announced that it will provide its European drivers with new protections including sick pay, parental leave and bereavement...

Irwin Mitchell

The business case for helping stressed employees cope

The statistics reveal a worrying situation concerning the impact of stress in the workplace. 12.5m working days lost due to anxiety,...

Lorraine Rose-Dugdale

A victory for landowners and developers in defeating claims to register land as a town or village green

In its recent decision in R (on the application of Cotham School) v Bristol City Council, the Court has confirmed that the use of...

Joanne Moseley

"Dark factories" are underpaying UK workers

A recent investigation by journalist Sarah O' Connor writing in the Financial Times has revealed a disturbing story of exploitation and...

Elizabeth Thomson

Should fashion retailers bring technology to the fore?

There would seem to be more losers than winners in the retail fashion world at the moment. Could the distinguishing factor be investment...

Elizabeth Thomson

Declining footfall: How can landlords and tenants help themselves?

With footfall declining at an unprecedented level and vacancy rates increasing, what opportunities might a lease afford for landlords and...

Nicola Gooch

A Blast from the Past or History Repeating: Are Starter Homes making a political comeback?

Three years ago, Starter Homes were the Government's 'big idea' for tackling the affordability issue at the lower end of the Housing...