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Posts from February 2016

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Irwin Mitchell

Clicks v Bricks - IT, Big Data and the retail revolution

There was no doubt that some retailers were slow off the mark when it came to online presence and online sales. Recent research by...

Nicola Gooch

Government to review whether there is a 'continuing need' for the HCA

Brandon Lewis has today announced a review of the Homes and Communities Agency, to see whether there is a continuing need for its...

Irwin Mitchell

Estate regeneration panel convenes

Following recent announcements about a push to regenerate council estates using institutional finance, Lord Heseltine has appointed the...

Nicola Gooch

Greg Clark announces consultation on increasing planning application fees

Buried in the text of Greg Clark's statement to parliament on local government finances is a rather interesting paragraph on planning...

Nicola Gooch

Grand Designs: Register of self build and custom house builders goes live on 1st April 2016

From 1 April 2016, it should be easier for those inspired by Kevin McCloud to find the land they need to build the home of their dreams. ...

Irwin Mitchell

US property giant buys UK affordable housing developer

Interesting news in the FT and Inside Housing today that  US based "Related Companies" have brought discount market sale specialist...

Irwin Mitchell

Natural Capital - a new tool for evaluating environmental risks and benefits

An interesting development in real estate is how we now value environmental benefits and burdens, and what the true costs might be. With...

Nicola Gooch

Greenwich: Developers must make full viability assessments public

Greenwich Council has just announced plans to require residential developers to go public with their full, un-redacted, viability...

Irwin Mitchell

Don't work in Oil

Fickle commodity prices (and the small matter of a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico) has lead BP to cut thousands of jobs.

Irwin Mitchell

What do you mean, the party's over?

Cassandra had the misfortune as a prophet to be always correct and never believed. Hans Schliemann's digs showed what this meant for real...