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Posts from May 2016

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Nicola Gooch

Housing and Planning Act 2016 - implications for planning

The Housing and Planning Act gained royal assent on 12 May 2016.  Once it is fully in force, the Act will give DCLG extensive new powers...

Nicola Gooch

National Planning Guidance on Small Sites exemption is officially re-instated

DCLG has now reinstated the Planning Practice Guidance that gives effect to the Small Sites exemption; which was declared lawful by the...

Nicola Gooch

Government confirms that a permitted development right to demolish offices and rebuild as residential is still on the agenda

Given its reputation, Friday the 13th is an unusual date on which to release news. It is, however, the date on which DCLG chose to...

Nicola Gooch

Housing & Planning Bill to receive Royal Assent Today

Yesterday the House of Commons and the House of Lords managed to agree on the final text of the Housing & Planning Bill, with the Lords...

Nicola Gooch

Court of Appeal declares Small Sites Exemption Lawful

The Court of Appeal has just ruled that the Small Sites Exemption, introduced by Ministers in November 2014, is lawful. In so doing, they...

Nicola Gooch

The Battle of the Houses: Government to oppose House of Lords' amendments to Housing & Planning Bill

The Housing and Planning Bill looks set to enter its most contentious phase of passage yet, with Greg Clark signalling that the House of...