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Posts from February 2018

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Nicola Gooch

A Reminder to be Reasonable: Yet another judgment stressing the importance of reasoned decision-making

It is not exactly news that 'reasons' challenges against planning permissions have become fashionable again of late - in fact we had a...

Irwin Mitchell

Animals in residential properties - a pet hate?

The Times (from behind a paywall) have reported on a proposal by Labour to oblige residential landlords to allow tenants to keep pets,...

Lorraine Rose-Dugdale

Restrictive Covenants - Building Scheme

In the recent case of Khoury and another v Kensell heard on 9 February, the court found that there was insufficient evidence of an...

Joanne Moseley

Supreme court begins hearing plumber's employment case

It has always been difficult to correctly determine the employment status of some individuals, particularly those engaged under self...

Joanne Moseley

UK bosses believe women should tell them at interview if they are pregnant

A YouGov survey of 1,106 senior decision-makers revealed that a third of those working for private companies thought it was reasonable to...

Nicola Gooch

Land-Banking: The Myth that will not Die?

Anyone reading the papers today will have spotted reports about the Local Government Association's latest research, which is being used...

Nicola Gooch

CIL Appeal Decision: Failing to discharge pre-commencement conditions will not avoid CIL Liability

It is an age old proverb that that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. A proverb which can feel depressingly apt when...

Irwin Mitchell

Use it (quickly) or lose it

A white paper is expected shortly proposing changes to "value capture" and rules on implementation of planning permissions.  The...

Nicola Gooch

Labour sees no value in "Hope": plans to change CPO rules to make landowners sell to the state at less than market value.

At the bottom of this post is a link to a Guardian Article which I recommend you read. In fact don't just read it, print it out and pass...