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Response to CIL Review to be in DCLG Planning White Paper

After months of waiting, it looks as if we finally have an indication as to when we will get to see the outcome of the CIL Review that DCLG commissioned last year.

Yesterday, during a  Neighbourhood Planning Bill committee session, Gavin Barwell confirmed that he was in the process of considering the CIL Review report and that DCLG "will respond to it in our White Paper later this year".

The White Paper has been trailed by the Sajid Javid as DCLG's primary vehicle for increasing housing delivery. At the Conservative Conference he stated that it would contain "further significant measures … all helping us towards our ambition for a million new home by 2020". 

A major over-haul (and potential scaling back) of the CIL regime could fit well with this -  particularly given Liz Peace's comments earlier in the year that the review panel is "not convinced that CIL has met the primary purpose of when it was set up". 

Planning Resource suggests that the White Paper may be released with the Autumn Statement on 23 November.  One way or another, it is going to be an interesting read. 

During a Neighbourhood Planning Bill committee session yesterday, Barwell said: "I have on my desk a review by Liz Peace and her team of CIL and issues relating to section 106 contributions."

Barwell added: "We are considering that review and will respond to it in our white paper later this year."

Speaking at the National Planning Summit in April, Peace said that the review panel ... hoped to have finalised its report by the middle of May.

According to reports, Barwell has hinted that the white paper could be released at the same time as the Autumn Statement on 23 November.”