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Posts from June 2018

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Nicola Gooch

Mind the Gaps: mixed messages, conflicts and trip hazards within the planning system.

As much as I love all things planning law (and I am real geek about my chosen area of practice... you may have noticed), even I have to...

Irwin Mitchell

Pay Gap vs Equal Pay

This article nicely demonstrates the confusion often found in media coverage, between the issue of the gender pay gap and discrimination...

Irwin Mitchell

Menopause discrimination case to be appealed

Many women suffer when going through the menopause and they can and do experience difficulties at work. Mandy Davies brought claims for...

Irwin Mitchell

Another view on "Land Banking"

Quite rightly, the Housebuilding industry has been relieved and justified in the way that the  interim Letwin report published last week...

Irwin Mitchell

ET rules that Hermes couriers are workers and not self-employed

In the week following the Supreme Court decision in Pimlico Plumbers v Smith, an employment tribunal in Leeds has decided that 65 Hermes...

Nicola Gooch

Planning SoS: What can we learn from James Brokenshire's first seven planning decisions?

Until fairly recently, our new Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government had been keeping a relatively low...

Elizabeth Thomson

Supreme Court favours certainty over flexibility (and honour?)

In the recent case of Rock Advertising Ltd v MWB Business Exchange Centres Limited  the Supreme Court considered a "truly fundamental...

Joanne Moseley

Plumber wins workers' rights battle against Pimlico Plumbers

The Supreme Court has confirmed that one of Pimlico's plumbers, Mr Smith is a worker entitled to employment benefits including the right...

Irwin Mitchell

Move to force justification of pay gap between workers and bosses

Businesses and organisations employing more than 250 employees are already under a statutory obligation to publish gender pay gap...

Nicola Gooch

Court of Appeal: Unlawful use is not an automatic barrier to registering an Asset of Community Value

On 23 May 2018, the Court of Appeal handed down a Judgment in relation to how assets of community value are registered, which could have...

Irwin Mitchell

World Cup - Acas launches new guidance

As football fans eagerly look forward to the kick-off of the FIFA 2018 World Cup, new guidance has this week been issued by Acas to help...