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Pay Gap vs Equal Pay

This article nicely demonstrates the confusion often found in media coverage, between the issue of the gender pay gap and discrimination in terms of equal pay. 

Whilst reference is made to the pay gap in the article, what Ms Strachan actually appears to be talking about is whether the work of comparator is "like work"; "work rated as equivalent" or "work of equal value".

The evaluation of seemingly comparable jobs is often a vexed question for Tribunals, with many factors taken into account. 

Here, Ms Strachen appears to accept that although she and Mr Packham carry out similar work, with each enjoying similar airtime on the program, in reality, their jobs are not directly comparable, which would mean that there is no discrimination in there being different rates of pay.

She told the Daily Mirror "you cannot pay" for Packham's knowledge and expertise on the live BBC nature show.

"What Chris brings to Springwatch in terms of knowledge is way more than what I can bring," the presenter added.

While they have a similar amount of air time on the show, Strachan said: "I'm not interested in what he earns from it - it's none of my business."”